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The idea of ​​Nl Comp: linen (and recyclable) boats to save the sea

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On the one hand the passion for sailing and on the other the technology: hence the idea of 3 young founders of Northern Light Composites, the startup of Friuli Venezia Giulia that has decided to commit itself to the protection of the sea.

Final purpose is to find a definitive solution to the fiberglass problem: when they reach the end of their life, boats made with these materials are often abandoned in construction sites, in ports or even deliberately sunk, with negative consequences on marine fauna and flora.

The analysis

The Italy of startups always last in Europe

by Silvio Gulizia

Why it is important to eliminate fiberglass
Another problem is that glass fibers require a high energy expenditure, because they can only be produced at high temperatures, and that their processing is potentially dangerous for health; furthermore, as mentioned, the possibilities of reusing this type of composite material are really scarce.

Andrea Paduano, co-founder of Nl Comp, recalled that “in 2011 about 75 thousand fiberglass boats were no longer in circulation in the world and 54% of these have been abandoned, with almost 53,500 tons of waste to be disposed of“. Again:” Over the past 10 years, this environmental disaster has never stopped. “


Evidation: within one year we will pay you to take care of yourself

by Silvio Gulizia

What the founders said
Piernicola Paoletti, another of the co-founders of the young startup from Monfalcone, explained that “we have studied, tested and developed a composite material with fibers of vegetable origin, mainly linen, made thanks to innovative and sustainable technologies, which allows boat recycling: we called it rComposite and it is the seed for a new circular economy in pleasure boating “.

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Not only is the fiber used by Nl Comp of natural origin, but the Elium thermoplastic resin, selected to make the composite material of the hulls, it separates easily from the fibers and can be regenerated after a simple pulverization and melting process; and also the core of the composite, made of Atlas Hpe, is recyclable: “Thanks to this technology, yacht e sailboats they are not only performing, but also eco-sustainable and respectful of the health of workers “, concluded Paduano.


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