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The Importance of Listening to Your Ears: Signals of Serious Health Problems

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The Importance of Listening to Your Ears: Signals of Serious Health Problems

Ears can really herald serious health problems, they give signals that are best not ignored

Ears are truly fundamental for many things, not only for hearing, but for many other reasons related to our health. In fact, it really is a part of our body that helps ensure many functions. Hearing is certainly the primary one, then there is balance.

The latter is regulated by the ear, inside which it is located the vestibular system which allows us to stay in balance. Specifically, these are three channels inside which there is endolymph, which moves every time we move our head. The most common balance problem is a specific type of vertigo, the Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (VPPB).

The latter manifests itself with multiple episodes of dizziness, which lead to general decompensation and which can be caused by migraines, adverse reactions to drugs or viruses. Obviously, we shouldn’t focus only on these aspects, because the ear can warn us with other signals that something is wrong in our body.

Ears might sometimes suffer from itching and in this case it is very likely that it is taking place a widespread fungal infection or eczema. A condition which in turn could also lead to smelly secretions.

Earwax that bothers you, tinnitus and other problems: the world of ears

Among the problems related to the ears there are other pathologies. Ringing in the ears, for example, is identified below the name tinnitus. This is a condition that causes very annoying buzzing. And in women it could result from an infection or from the beginning of menopause. Obviously only the opinion of a specialist doctor will be able to confirm or deny the situation.

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The signals that our ears give us about health problems

Have a typology of wet earwax Furthermore, according to some studies, it seems to be correlated to a greater predisposition to breast cancer. Obviously this is just an association, but not something certain. Furthermore, in people of Asian origin the earwax is of a drier type, while in European and African people it is generally of a wetter type. So it could just be a simple predisposition.

The ears could also present growths. The latter could be an indication of you have problems. A real indicator of kidney diseases linked especially to newborns. Never underestimate ear discomfort. This applies to everyone, especially the little ones who may, especially in the first years of life, suffer more from problems with this very important organ.

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