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The Importance of Physical Activity in Maintaining Lean Mass: When to Train

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The Importance of Physical Activity in Maintaining Lean Mass: When to Train

Physical Activity Plays a Vital Role in Maintaining a Healthy Body

To take care of our bodies, it is important to not only focus on a healthy and balanced diet but also engage in regular physical activity. When embarking on a weight loss journey and seeking guidance from a specialist, they will emphasize the significance of incorporating exercise into our routine.

The common advice given is to start with a 30-minute daily walk to activate circulation and muscles, especially for individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, it is essential to maintain muscle mass, which can be achieved through dietary changes as well.

How Diet Can Help in Preserving Muscle Mass

When following a specific diet, regardless of its purpose, our primary focus should be on preserving muscle mass and surpassing the presence of lean mass in our bodies. One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating white meat into our food plan and minimizing the consumption of sweets and junk food.

Furthermore, a significant inclusion of vegetables in our diet is crucial. This not only aids in assimilating nutrients from meat but also from fish and fruit.

It is important to coordinate our physical activity with our diet, as exercise represents 50% of the success of a weight loss plan.

Is it Advisable to Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

As mentioned earlier, physical activity plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Depending on our individual needs, it is advisable to seek guidance from a personal trainer or engage in a discipline of interest under the supervision of an expert.

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One mistake that should be avoided is exercising in the morning without having breakfast. In such cases, it is crucial to listen to our bodies and ensure that our nutritional needs are met. It is recommended to have a light breakfast before training and wait for about three hours before hitting the gym or participating in a specific discipline.

By following this approach, we can prevent feeling unwell during our workout sessions and avoid putting excessive strain on our bodies.


Taking care of our bodies requires a holistic approach that includes both a healthy diet and regular physical activity. By maintaining muscle mass through proper nutrition and coordinating our exercise routine, we can optimize the benefits of a weight loss plan and enhance overall well-being.

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