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the initiative to raise awareness on mental health

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The idea is to communicate a message of closeness and normality: “If you are down, if you are depressed, there is nothing wrong or strange. Call a friend, a parent, a brother, a sister, or even a psychologist. It’s perfectly normal.” The managers are the founders of the online psychological support service Therapy Chat, created in 2016.

The opening of the “crying room” fits perfectly into the mental health care campaign that the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a week ago. Among the services also included a support line to avert cases of suicide, active 24 hours a day. In Spain, since 2019, suicide appears to be the second most common cause of death after natural causes.

Through welcoming environments e neon lettering, the “Llorería” will be a place of refuge for anyone who needs to feel understood or simply needs to express their feelings. There are many young people and adolescents who could benefit from it. According to data from the Spanish government, in fact, one in 10 adolescents suffers from one altered mental health condition, while 5.8% of the overall population suffers from anxiety.

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