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The iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have finally stopped in iOS 16

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The iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have finally stopped in iOS 16

If the Apple generation of smartphones is the most famous, there is no doubt that the iPhone 6 generation is the most famous. Among them, the “rose gold” is introverted and luxurious, elegant and chic, which makes the world go crazy, which explains why there are so many Apple nail households. . According to the latest news, it has been confirmed that Apple’s 2022 WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) is scheduled to be held on June 6, and the iOS 16 of this developer conference will be the focus. According to the latest revelations from LeaksApplePro, Apple’s iOS 16 will officially remove support for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the first-generation iPhone SE. These 2015 devices were all launched with the iOS 9 system, and at one point turned out to be Apple’s longest-lived existence, all the way to the current iOS 15 system.

In terms of UI design, some features of iOS 16 have also been exposed. Among them, new features have been exposed, including InfoShack, which is a large-size widget that users can interact with on the desktop, and Quick Actions, which can be used on the lock screen through shortcut icons. Convenient operation. In addition, Apple will also fine-tune the APP, reminders, files and mail applications, and completely refactor the health application.

In addition, the music function adds an “Apple Classical” subscription to serve those users who prefer traditional music. The music recommendation function will also be more intelligent and user-friendly to meet the needs. It has to be said that Apple has also taken great care of the old models. The old iPhone 6, which has been considered a product long overdue by the outside world, is still included in the upgrade list, although the iOS16 version has finally been released. Older models were removed, but it also fully explains why Apple has so many nails.


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