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The joint event of “FFBE” x “FFX” launches daily free 10 consecutive summons and other events “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS”

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gumi Inc. announced that the international version of the RPG mobile game “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS” (hereinafter referred to as “FFBE” international version) and “FINAL FANTASY X” ( Hereafter referred to as “FFX”, the joint event will start today, and there will be a variety of Black Friday premium packs and promotions that will be launched simultaneously to kick off the year-end festival. During the event, just log in to the game to get a ★5 star player Tida’s soldiers, in addition, there are 10 free summons per day, up to 210 summons, and many activities and rewards are waiting for players.

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“FFX” Joint Activities Soldiers

Fans’ favorite “Summoner: Actress Na” has embarked on an adventurous journey from now on! Immediately invite this limited-time NV soldier to join your team through the new Featured Summon! NV soldier “Albedo girl Luc” will also appear in the world of Rabis from the 11/29 event time.

  • “FFX” joint activity soldier “Summoner: Actress Na”

  • image

    “FFX” joint activity soldier “Albedo girl Lucky”

Wonderful “FFX” joint event and Black Friday event

Black Friday special event

All players can perform 11 consecutive summons three times in “NV Luxury Summoning”, and then continue to perform 11 consecutive summons for free! In addition, each player is limited to one round of “Albedo Girl Lucky STEP UP Summoning”, you can ensure that you get the “Albedo Girl Lucky” soldier in STEP 6!

“FINAL FANTASY X” Cooperative Login Bonus

From now until the end of the event time on 12/16, players can easily get a ★5 “Star Player Tida” soldier as long as they log in to the game every day!

“FFX” 10 free daily summons

At the same time, players can perform 10 consecutive summons for free once a day, and “The Actress of the Great Summoner” will also be included in the list of summons this time.

  • image

    “FFX” 10 free daily summons

“FINAL FANTASY X” Cooperative Strengthening Lottery Box Call

From now until the end of the event time on 12/23, players only need to perform the “FFX” cooperative enhancement lottery box call” to obtain precious items that can be used to strengthen the “Final Weapon (FFX)” that can be used to enhance the “Star Player Tidal”! The “FFX” cooperation enhancement lottery box call coupon” can be obtained through “Journey from Biside” and events that will appear in the future.

  • image

    “FFX” cooperation to strengthen the draw box call

“On the Journey from Biside” Activity Maze

From now until the end of the 12/9 event time, players only need to play the event and collect the Crusade Certificate of “On a Journey from Biside” to exchange for props, and they can exchange limited equipment and materials for enhancing NV capabilities with Moogle. It can be used to awaken the soldier “Waka” obtained from the game activity to ★7, or to awaken the “Star Player Tida” as an NV soldier.

  • image

    “On the Journey from Biside” Activity Maze

Black Friday special package

From now until the end of the event time on 12/2, players will be able to purchase the “2021 Black Friday Super Gem Crystal Treasure Box” containing considerable gems in the gift bag shop. In addition to the gems, there are two “NV fragments of choice”. Voucher (2021 Black Friday Excess Gems)”.In addition, there is also the “2021 Black Friday NV Special Gift Pack”, which contains 10 NV Summon Coupons [10 張 1 抽] High-value content.


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