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The key broadband for the digitization of the country system

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The spread of broadband is an important prerequisite for creating the conditions necessary to favor communication, access to data and the exchange of information, key levers to contribute to the development of the country system, thanks to overcoming the digital divide and enhancing the relationship between the territory and its stakeholders.

The event “Digital Italy. The value of connectivity and the impact on the territory “, organized by Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with Open Fiber, scheduled for Wednesday 13 October at 10 am, intends to provide the tools to analyze and concretely measure the benefits that the diffusion of fiber networks optics creates on an economic, social and environmental level on the territory, enhancing its resources for the benefit of the whole community.

Speakers will be Franco Bassanini, president of Open Fiber, Emanuela Ciapanna, head of the Competition and regulated markets sector, Statistical Economics Department, of the Bank of Italy, Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura, Riccardo Giovannini, EY partner, Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering, Marcella Panucci, head of the cabinet of the Minister for Public Administration, and Pierluigi Sassi, president of Earth Day Italia.

Participation is free upon registration on ilsole24ore.com/italia-digitale.

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