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“The King of Fighters XV” announces the “Kura Delmondo” character promotion video and Angel and Cron form the “Cron Team” “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV”

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SNK plans to release the new combat fighting game “The King of Fighters XV” (PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / PC) on February 17, 2022, and today (1/6) announced the debut character “Library” “Kula Diamond” promotional video.

“Kura Delmondo” is dubbed by Kashu Yumi, and is the first role in “The King of Fighters 2000”. In order to fight against K´, Sound Nest has a powerful ability to instantly freeze moisture in the air. Affected by the side effects of the remodeling operation, his words and deeds are more naive than his appearance. After the sound nest collapsed, he acted with K´, but ran away from home because of a quarrel with K´. After being kidnapped by Koron and Angel, they formed a team.

“Kura Delmondo”, “Angel” and “Coron” formed[Team Coron]

“The King of Fighters XV” inherited the usual “3 on 3” team battle of the King of Fighters series. The plot changes brought by the team members are very worthy of attention!


Secretly organize the reformers of Sound Nest. According to me, her fighting style is “whatever you want ❤”, she is good at a complex continuous technique called “Unchained”, and is unmatched in close-range combat. Like to joke, his personality is elusive. This time we set off from Mexico and participated in the competition with Coron.

Ke Long (Krohnen)

The mysterious youth who teamed up with Angel to participate in the King of Fighters competition. The goggles and cloak are quite distinctive. Use freely deformable arms to fight. It seems to have something to do with the secret association Sound Nest…?

※ Character translations are provided by the official

※ The game screen is still under development

Game Information

  • Game name: The King of Fighters XV

  • The original name of the game: The King of Fighters XV

  • Game type: Fighting

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox Series X|S
         PC(Windows 10/Steam/Epic Games Store)

  • Release Date: February 17, 2022

  • Suggested price: NT$1790/HK$468 for the regular version, NT$2390/HK$638 for the digital luxury version
    Team Pass 1 NT$890/HK$238 (including DLC ​​”Team 1″ + “Team 2”)
    DLC “Team 1” / DLC “Team 2” TWD 590 / HKD 148 each

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / English / Korean etc.

  • Number of players: 1~2

  • Age classification: auxiliary 15 levels

  • Developer: SNK

  • Publisher: SNK / Koch Media

  • Agency Distribution: Undecided

  • Official website: https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/zh/games/kof-xv/



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