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“The lady is dead.” Spits and blows to the doctor, a ward of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome is devastated

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“The lady is dead.”  Spits and blows to the doctor, a ward of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome is devastated

Sant’Andrea Hospital: a patient admitted to the ward of Oncology he dies and his family lash out at doctors and nurses. It happened last January 3, first aggression of the new year in a hospital, the umpteenth that is consumed in the Roman structures where unions and doctors are once again sounding the alarm asking for the activation or re-activation of the police posts. An appeal that also finds support in the Region with the Councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato who returns to the point: «Doctors with a great spirit of sacrifice are at our service every day for our health and safety and attacking a doctor or a nurse is equivalent to assaulting oneself. I renew my appeal to the Prefect of Rome to study a common strategy for dealing with a worryingly increasing phenomenon. I think it is necessary to reactivate the police points in the emergency rooms of hospitals which play an important role in deterrence and for the safety of medical personnel and patients”.

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A week ago at Sant’Andrea this happened: a patient hospitalized days earlier for respiratory problems in the Oncology ward, as she was suffering from a plurimetastatic tumor, got worse, the doctor on duty warned the family members that the conditions were desperate. The latter arrive at the hospital after learning, again via telephone, of the woman’s death. From there, a few seconds pass and the situation degenerates. To open the door of the ward it is the doctor who had warned them and who is first covered with insults and spit and then attacked. Fortunately he will not suffer bruises or traumas but this has not prevented him from filing a complaint. “Regardless of the presence of other patients, the patient’s relatives screamed, spat and devastated the hospital room where the body and the bed neighbor were still there, overturning tables and chairs and destroying the electrocardiograph that performed the EKG ritual», explains Fedra Mori, Anaao Assomed Company Secretary of Sant’Andrea. What triggered the violence in the patient’s relatives? According to what was ascertained, the woman’s family members would not have been able to visit the joint before her death “as the department was closed to visits – continues Mori – due to Covid cases ascertained internally but this in no way justifies the violence then manifested. Episodes of this kind must be strongly stigmatized», also because no negligence was carried out by the doctors who, on the contrary, as with every patient, did everything in their power to save the woman’s life. At Sant’Andrea, as unfortunately in many other hospitals, although there is a police post, it has no staff. Hospitals have long resorted to internal supervision which, however, “when episodes of aggression occur, they cannot intervene directly”, explains Giulio Maria Ricciuto to the regional secretary of the Simeu, emergency room doctors.

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It is precisely in the I and II level Goddess that the most unfortunate episodes are recorded: the average of cases reported and those not followed by complaints speaks for itself, there are at least two daily attacks that take place. «Every year there are at least 200 deaths – Ricciuto points out – and the attacks are on the rise, I’m not talking about physical attacks because there are also verbal and behavioral ones. Situations that generate chaos and confusion in one of the most delicate departments of hospitals”. Among other things, the increase in access to the emergency room must be considered, which makes the situation even more dangerous. «In the last 24 hours alone – concludes Ricciuto – we have recorded 2,490 accesses in the 24 hospitals of the Region, of these 977 were on no covid boarding and therefore awaiting hospitalization in the wards, an absolute record to which positive patients have been added to the Sars-Cov-2, 122, of which 110 waiting for a bed”. At the moment, the hospitals that can count on the reactivation of the police posts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Among these are Tor Vergata, Umberto I, San Camillo but it is “too low a quota – concludes Ricciuto – for the problems and difficulties we are experiencing”.

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