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The large open-air gym in the middle of the greenery in Brianza

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The large open-air gym in the middle of the greenery in Brianza

This summer the citizens of Seveso will be able to train and keep fit in the fantastic scenery of the Villa Dho Park, immersed in nature and in a well-kept and peaceful setting.

In fact, work will start in the next few days for the setting up of a real open-air gym in the garden of the Sevesi villa (obviously outside the confines of the historical part of the same, the “protected” one). In fact, in 2022 the Municipality received a loan from the Lombardy Region of 100 thousand euros for the project of “Extraordinary maintenance of the “Villa Dho” park and which will be used for the construction of an outdoor gym to allow physical activity as well as to create a new place of social gathering open to anyone.

The project, what the open-air gym will look like

In drafting the project we wanted to recreate a sort of link with the noble residence, already a very active site of cultural and social activities, and re-propose the design of what were, in the past, the secret gardens of the ancient villas. The secrecy of the place was created thanks to the different use of the greenery.

The central space – the real gym – will be accessible from four different points with concrete flooring and circumscribed by a colorful and fragrant lavender hedge. Next is a hornbeam hedge to delimit the central space as if it were a wall. Between lavender and hornbeam a circular space will be created that can be traveled on foot, useful for users for a short warm-up run but also for workers for maintenance of the two hedges.

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We then arrive at the gymnasium where four large concrete flowerbeds, designed only by serizzo stone curbs that will divide the concrete from the lawn, will delimit as many areas in which sports equipment for whole body training and suitable for all ages will be installed. (from 14 years upwards), some of which can also be used by people with reduced mobility.

The tools of the open-air gym

The push pull (specific machine for the pectoral muscles), the steering wheel, the pull-up bar, the Roman chair, combined lumbar abdo, a rower, triple twister and the elliptical bike will be installed. Between one tool and another there will be wooden benches to rest or to encourage moments of socialization. Furthermore, in the center of the “sports square” there will be a hackberry tree which, thanks to its large foliage, will allow you to enjoy a little refreshment during the hottest hours.
The works will be completed by the end of June.

“We have invested heavily in the rebirth of the park of Villa Dho and finally citizens will be able to enjoy the open-air gym in one of the historic and characteristic parks of Seveso thanks to funding from the Lombardy Region. A gym that will allow you to train immersed in nature,
suitable for everyone. We believed in it a lot and we are satisfied with the project conceived by the Ecology Office to which I congratulate you for the commitment and the result» says Mayor Alessia Borroni.

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