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“The Last Battle: Infinite”-Final preview of the campaign-Gamereactor-Halo Infinite

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The ghost face beast is cruel, and perhaps the cruelest and ruthless enemy in the history of the “Last War” series. Last year, we obtained obvious evidence. After years of hints and promises, we will show the actual operation screen of “The Last Battle: Infinite”. As a result, the Chief Sergeant not only ran into the ghost face beast trouble, Craig became a hit, and the game was postponed for a whole year.

After years of development, promises, and beautiful trailers, it was a very disappointing show for developers and fans alike. But that is also a new beginning. The senior veterans of “The Last Battle” were called to assist in the development, and the team also communicated openly and transparently with the community, shared ideas, and listened to feedback. Gradually, the game looked more and more anticipated, including the initial bad lighting effects, but also improved.

“The Last War” is my favorite series, so when I recently embarked on the “Last War” journey, my mood was very mixed. Will this be the worst disappointing work I have ever experienced, or does this extra year of polishing time mean that the highly anticipated return of the Master Chief has finally fulfilled everyone’s expectations? Well, I will try to make this preview as spoiler-free as possible, so that you will not break the fun of exploring the game, but let me put it this way, the situation is more inclined to the latter.

Because from the moment the Master Chief enters the arena (what are you asking? I said there is no spoiler!), under the guidance of 343 Industries, this finally feels like “The Last Battle”. Most of the first few levels of this game took place in the city, providing a good opportunity to become familiar with the game controls and new grappling hooks. The Sergeant Chief also retained his sprint function, which is obviously slower now. I think all devout followers of “The Last Battle” will appreciate this change.

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The levels are set in a playful way, which clearly shows that this is a video game. The focus is not on realism, but on pleasant gameplay. You will have the opportunity to learn the basics. The Sergeant himself is usually silent, and once he speaks, Steve Downes may show his best performance so far as the legendary Spartan fighter; time and time again, this is indeed the superhero we are talking about. .

This story unfolds slowly during the first few hours of the adventure, and for various reasons we should visit Zeta Halo. A broken ring world, the plan of the exile threatens the entire universe. We have already encountered the exiled in “The Last Battle: Starring Battle 2”, if you have played the game, you will know what unreasonable bloodthirsty psychopaths we are dealing with. The team is also the perfect excuse to clean up familiar old Covenant enemies again, which means you will once again face everything from elites to jackals, and of course wild boars. In addition to the ghost face beast, of course there are some newcomers. This is totally positive and optimistic, because I never liked Prometheans in “Last War 4/5”.

When I finally landed on Zeta Halo, a pleasant tremor slid down my spine. The design and graphics are top-notch, and the soundscape is even better. Since I was in “The Last Battle: Battle Evolution”, the feeling of visiting the new ring has not been that strong. This is a living and breathing world. Once I have established various bases, it is obvious that there is a lot of exploration to explore. In practice, this means cleaning up a large area of ​​exiled fighters so that supplies etc. can be dropped when needed.

A quick glance at the map will reveal several other locations nearby. These include the Marine Corps to be rescued, the exile stronghold to be blown up, and of course the leader in hiding. Then there are story missions and many other things. I spent hours exploring this huge world. I found small caves, crashed shipwrecks full of treasures, or other strange things in the mountains. It really felt like a treasure hunt.

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Basically, the special sense of exploration came back when I boarded the Halo ring for the first time. I like to see what is hidden in the world, but this time I can save the Marines in the order I want, rather than in a predetermined way. Thanks to the SSD, there is a very smooth fast travel function that can take me between different locations in the game world in a few seconds, but in “The Last Battle: Infinite”, the vehicle is actually more than ever They are more motivated, so I still choose to drive most of the time.

In the previous “Last War” games, there were different Warthog, Ghost and Banshee, etc. Now I use Warthog to move in a huge world. Compared with using the fast travel function, these vehicles not only provide me with a cool experience, but actually provide me with smoother traffic and a wider world. Nevertheless, 343 Industries chose not to call “The Last Battle: Infinite” an open world game. In the Q&A session I recently participated in, someone explained that it does bring some connections, and “The Last War” is still the “Last War”, but you can tailor your own adventure in different ways.

This is what 343i wants to promote. Because there are countless ways to solve problems and puzzles in “Last War: Infinite”, but they should all feel like the basic “Last War”, and no one method is wrong. Therefore, the strategies, weapons, and tools you choose to use should all be effective, but of course, some may be better or worse. In addition, the goal is to make the game feel interesting. Whether you use Warthog to make crazy jumps in battle, sneak around, find secret paths, or use SP4NKR rocket launchers to break through the front door – this should bring great “Last War” entertainment.

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The freedom of choice also lies in the fact that the sergeant can make changes at your disposal this time. You can improve the grappling hook, but you can also upgrade other features, which also helps to give extra game depth and strategy. So far, the parts that I have been able to test are very rewarding to me, but I can see from the list that there are still many slots, and it remains to be seen how everything will work in the end.

If you don’t want to manage side missions and modify the master chief with mods, then you rarely need to do this. You can always proceed to the next task in the story to achieve success. These things seamlessly slide and cooperate with each other, which means there will never be any interruptions except for the plot animation. The last mission I can tell you took place on a huge tower that I saw on the horizon at the beginning of my adventure on Zeta Halo. Of course, after a truly major battle, there is a fierce boss battle—and some important story materials—waiting for me.

We will come back to comment on “The Last Battle: Infinite” closer to the release date. But so far, it is very worth looking forward to. It is larger in all respects than any previous game in the series, while still being cohesive and never knowing what to do next. However, from what I have heard so far, the soundtrack does not fully match Martin O’Donnell’s original “Last War” arrangement, but to be fair, few games can do it. I don’t know how this story fared throughout the process.

But so far, I am both gratified and excited. Relieved that 343 Industries seems to be launching their best “Last War” by a large margin, and happy to discover more secrets of the wonderful Zeta Halo world.

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