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the last hours of Marco Conforti, found dead in the trunk

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A trip to Varazze, an evening in a strip club in Turin but above all drugs. The investigators are working to reconstruct the last hours of the life of the 56-year-old entrepreneur Marco Conforti found dead in the trunk of his SUV.

Marco Conforti

The investigations continue to reconstruct what happened to the Marco Conforti is 56 years oldfound dead on Sunday in the trunk of his SUV, a metallic gray Range Rover, parked in via Rovigo in Turin. The investigators are putting together the pieces of a puzzle that focuses on the entrepreneur’s private life between luxury cars, drugs and a life full of excesses.

There was no news of him for five days. It was the ex-wife who reported his disappearance to the police, and the investigations started from the last night he was seen alive. Last Tuesday when, in the company of a friend, he drove his Ferrari Portofino, purchased only a few months ago, to reach Varazze in Liguria. The goal, as told by his friend, was to find a berth for the summer. A few hours, then the return to Turin and dinner with friends.

At midnight Conforti greets everyone and reaches a strip club in the Porta Nuova area with a coachbuilder friend. Women, but especially drugs, are two constants in the life of the entrepreneur who ran about fifty driving schools throughout Piedmont. An evening that ended normally, according to the man who was with him, but who saw the 56-year-old disappear into thin air. Now the investigators want to understand if that night the two not only reached the strip club but also a drug dealer.

Fundamental in this sense will be the toxicological tests on the victim’s body, on whose corpse no signs of violence were found. In the meantime, there will be an autopsy on Wednesday which may reveal something more about the causes of death. But it will be essential to understand who put Conforti’s body in the trunk, for this reason the videos of the video surveillance cameras in the area were acquired which could provide more elements.

Those who live in via Rovigo say that the Range Rover had certainly been there since Saturday, many heard the burglar alarm go off that day: someone tried to steal some objects inside, without success. It is not excluded that Conforti had gone to that neighborhood to spend the evening with a woman, whom he occasionally saw. What happened next remains to be clarified.

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