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“The Last of Us Part II” PS5 enhanced update brings 60fps option

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Naughty Dog earlier launched a PS5 enhanced update for “The Last of Us Part II”. The biggest improvement is the addition of a 60fps frame rate option to the game. After installing the 1.08 patch, players can choose to run the game at 30fps or 60fps in the display menu.

In order to test the effect of the update, Digital Foundry ran an 8-hour test at 60fps, and the result was that the PS5 was maintained at the highest frame rate almost throughout the process. The effect can be said to be quite good. Interested friends can watch the video below, but there are some spoilers in it, please pay attention before clicking it.

In addition to 60fps, this enhanced update also has improvements in loading speed and resolution. Naughty Dog said that this is just their “first step towards many improvements to PS5”, so players should be able to expect more good news in the future (such as ray tracing?).

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