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The latest research: The moon contains an astonishing amount of water, which may be comparable to that of the earth! -INSIDE

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Marketers and advertisers often face many tests, and in the past two years, they have encountered unprecedented shocks. One is the real world COVID-19, which has a huge impact on consumer behavior and the advertising market; the second is consumers’ increasing awareness of online privacy rights, which has caused many browsers to block third-party cookies, challenging the digital advertising circle. The basis of past operations.

Facing the challenge, brand and advertising market opportunities

Ji Miaofa, deputy general manager of Verizon Media’s international market insight and data analysis department, analyzed the impact and opportunity points brought to the brand and the entire advertising market from these impacts.

First, due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of consumers’ daily behaviors have been transferred to the Internet. Brands and business owners have also shifted their marketing focus to online. Therefore, digital advertising YoY bucked the trend and grew by 12.7%. And “programmatic buying” is an important factor driving the growth of digital advertising. In 2020, the global programmatic buying market will reach 129 billion US dollars, YoY will grow by 14.3%, and there are double digits in the United States, Europe and China. Growth.

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With the gradual control of the epidemic in the European and American markets that dominate the global economy, many research institutions predict that the global advertising market will show a V-shaped recovery in 2021, and the programmatic buying market will reach 155 billion U.S. dollars. However, in the Taiwan market, which was relatively unaffected by the epidemic last year, digital advertising volume was NT$48.3 billion, YoY grew by 5.3%, which was the first year that it fell below double-digit growth. The size of the programmatic buying market rose from RMB 14.6 billion. Yuandaju increased to 19.3 billion yuan, and YoY grew by more than 30%.

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Programmatic buying will be the key to the growth of digital advertising in Taiwan

“Driven by 5G and immersive experience technology, digital advertising in Taiwan will continue to grow. Programmatic buying will be Key Driver,” said Ji Miaofa: “Verizon Media launched its first programmatic buying survey on the Taiwan market last June, Track advertisers and agencies’ programmatic buying behavior and intentions, and incorporate publishers’ opinions.”

So far this year, nearly 70% of the advertisers surveyed have already used programmatic buying. Together with interested advertisers, I believe that the usage rate of programmatic buying this year has a chance to reach 80%. In addition, nearly half of advertisers who are already using programmatic buying are satisfied with the overall results. The higher the proportion of investment in programmatic advertising, the higher the satisfaction. Therefore, whether it is advertisers or agencies, more than half of them indicated that they will increase the proportion of programmatic purchase spending in 2021.

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“We predict that programmatic purchases will account for more than 40% of the overall digital advertising expenditure this year,” said Ji Miaofa. In terms of the types of advertising purchased, display ads accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for about 30%, followed by audiovisual and native ads. advertise. Although the current proportion of emerging media (such as Internet-connected TV, audio and digital off-home advertising DOOH) is still low, the future growth potential is endless, especially after the epidemic slows down in Taiwan, people start to go out to spend, which will be the next fast Growing digital media.

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Facing Cookieless with data openness and cooperation

According to a survey conducted by IAS of digital managers across the United States, it is pointed out that “the biggest challenge in the coming year is Cookieless.” In response to the challenges posed by Cookieless, “data openness and cooperation” are definitely the future trend in the UK and US markets.

In Taiwan, up to 90% of advertisers expressed concern about the impact of Cookieless. Although Google announced that it will postpone third-party cookies until 2023, which gives everyone more time, advertisers and agencies still have to make arrangements and take action as soon as possible. , Including: trying new solutions, self-building a first-party membership database, adding and providing identity recognition solutions, and cooperating with advertising platforms that have first-party data.

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Advertisers who are willing to share data look forward to creating better advertising optimization benefits through data sharing, opening up more potential groups, and tracking results more effectively. Simply put, we look forward to gaining more opportunities for growth through sharing and cooperation.

Multiple exclusive data and identification solutions are important considerations for advertisers to choose DSP this year

Same as last year, advanced performance optimization technology, professional business team and optimizer support are still the considerations for advertisers and agencies to choose DSP, but this year, “precise planning of purchasing portfolio capabilities”, “diversified exclusive data” and “identity” The importance of “identification schemes” has risen sharply, which is reflected in Cookieless. Having diversified exclusive data and complete identification solutions is even more important.

In the survey, DV 360 and Verizon Media DSP (VM DSP) are the most known and used DSP platforms by advertisers and agencies. Ninety percent of users said that they would recommend VM DSP to others in the next six months, most importantly The reason for this is: VM DSP leads the competition in terms of “trustworthy”, “professional team support”, “identification solutions” and “evaluation of emerging advertising forms”, while “rich exclusive data” and “accurate access to target groups” It also has a very good performance. “Multi-faceted online and offline data (including: online shopping, smart prediction technology, advertising interactive search, and physical channel records)” is the advantage of VM DSP.

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In the future, VM DSP will continue to integrate online and offline data to further enhance the performance of rich exclusive data and audience targeting.

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The content of this article is provided by “Verizon Media” and has been reviewed by the editorial and planning editor of the Key Review Media Group.


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