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the law passes without equating it with biodynamics

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the law passes without equating it with biodynamics

The Chamber of Deputies today approved the law on organic farming, removing the equation between organic and biodynamic. Paragraph 3 of article 1 is thus removed and therefore

the text was sent back to the Senate for final approval. The appeal to remove the references to the proposed law on biodynamic agriculture was carried out with some vigor by Senator Elena Cattaneo, also supported by the president of the Accademia dei Lincei and the Accademia dei Georgofili. Many people

they do not look favorably on the biodynamic approach for the reasons given by scientists in reference to some traditional techniques (example: sowing or bottling in certain phases of the moon, which science also considers superstitious, but seem to work).  To these arguments are added other witchcraft rules.  What bothers most is the fideistic view of themselves as 'first in class' by most biodynamicists and their considering those who choose organic farming as travel companions to be brought back on the right path or, at most, considering organic as a step towards the evolution represented by the biodynamic world.
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The Chamber approved the law on organic farming, removing the equation with biodynamic But on the other hand even homeopathy (which with current scientific knowledge does not stand up) seems to work in some cases, even if it is not advisable to try to cure pneumonia with a homeopathic remedy, not being able to exclude that it is useful for some minor ailments. As our collaborator Valeria Balboni wrote on Linkedin, as long as the biodynamic farmer respects 100% the organic regulations, and adds corroborants (product of natural origin, not attributable to the category of fertilizers, capable of improving the resistance of plants against harmful organisms, protecting from damage not caused by parasites, biostimulants authorized for use in organic farming and registered in the list drawn up and periodically updated by Mipaaf,

nothing can be said to him. Just as you can’t say anything to the farmer who gets the parish priest blessing the stable and the herd: he can shake his head, but then that’s it, as long as what he does is lawful, he has all the rights. Of course, his rights derive from being organic, not from the specific biodynamic faith. The decision made

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by the Chamber by eliminating the equation between two agricultural systems, concretely does not make changes to boidynamic farms, which in any case adopting the organic method remain included in the law.  Now the text should return to the Senate for final approval.  From this confrontation, the management of organic organizations is defeated, which has dragged an entire sector into a religious war, choosing biodynamics and its horns with manure as the line of the Piave, rather than focusing attention on critical issues.

The decision taken by the Chamber to eliminate the equation between the two agricultural systems does not make any changes to biodynamic farms The positive aspect

is that in the lively debate raised on biodynamic, it was necessary to admit that organic has nothing to do with exoterism and supersitition, but is based on science and that this method of agriculture has the right to enter fully into the living room. To be witches, if anything, are only 200 biodynamic farmers and not the 80 thousand who have chosen the organic world.

“… for the purposes of this law, the biodynamic farming method, which provides for the use of biodynamic preparations and specific disciplinary measures, applied in compliance with the provisions of the European Union regulations on organic farming, is equivalent to the organic farming method “.

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