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The legendary “Mind-Reading Chip” in “Monster Hunter World” is true. Capcom uses patented technology to control the probability of props obtaining | 4Gamers

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I have a good friend of spears who played in Monster Hunter World (Monster Hunter World) all the way to the HR 300 level. Until the expansion of the “Iceborne” update, he still did not hit the “Strong Wall Bead” and retired. , It is inevitable to be ridiculed by other friends with the “mind-reading chip”. I did not expect that according to the news of the player community, Capcom really applied for the relevant patent in 2019.

The so-called “mind-reading chip” is a kind of laughter for the player community in the “Monster Hunter” series, because the series requires hunters to hunt monsters to exercise or make inlaid orbs in order to upgrade specific skills. However, because the production is entirely controlled by chance, there are often players who have spent a lot of time and materials and have not been able to obtain specific rare orbs, and they will joke such as “being read by the card company.”

According to the latest video disclosure of Japanese YouTuber 茶々茶, Capcom originally filed a patent application on September 26, 2019, mainly through the in-game programming system to achieve “control the value fluctuations of all items in the game while changing the in-game “Probability of item acquisition” is the goal.

Since the patent application has as many as 104 items, in simple terms, it is to monitor the player’s data through the system, such as the number of play tasks, the amount of props held and consumed, the number of props made, or the desire to register in the game Lists and other data further speculate on the props the player hopes to obtain.

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After the system has identified it, it will be controlled by the program according to various situations and change the drop probability of the item, making it easier for the player to obtain the desired item.

According to the chart attached to the patent application, it is obvious that Capcom is using the system of “Monster Hunter” as an example.


However, it is worth mentioning that the last item 104 of the patent emphasizes that “in the above implementation case, item 59 can change and increase the probability of obtaining items, but at the same time it can also reduce the probability of obtaining items, so that players can Get a higher sense of accomplishment in the game. 』

Although the patent was filed at the end of September 2019, it coincided that the expansion of “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” (Monster Hunter World: Iceboren) was released on September 6th of the same year, and the timing has caused extensive discussion among many players.

Of course, although the timing of the patent application is a bit coincidental, it is possible that this technology was actually applied to the game by Capcom earlier. In other words, the players caught by the “mind reader chip” in the past few years have finally Suddenly realized.

At least I believe it in the editor, because until the hunting success of the black dragon version of “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”, I still didn’t get a “heart eyeball”…


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