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The limited number in Medicine is still needed

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of the Italian Secretariat for Medical Students

31 GENDear Director,

the Italian Secretariat for Medical Students – APS (SISM), considering the statements by the President of the Liguria Region Hon.Giovanni Toti regarding the discussion that emerged during the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces regarding the changes to the PNRR recovery plans, considers it necessary reiterate its position regarding the abolition of limited access to the course of studies in Medicine and Surgery.

In our opinion, a review of the access procedures leading to the elimination of the admission tests at the beginning of the training course does not represent the solution to the current shortage of hospital and local medical staff and to the planning of new health recruitments envisaged by the PNRR.

We are therefore opposed to an expansion of the student contingent that does not derive from an objective analysis that relates the health needs of our country and the capabilities of the university training network, since this would lead to a disproportion between the supply and demand of health professionals. .

Furthermore, a reckless expansion, or rather an indiscriminate access to the training course in medicine, would only lead to an impoverishment of the quality of the training deriving from the oversaturation of the capacities of the Universities and would not bring any benefit to our National Health System which always requires a finite number of professionals of the health.

For this reason, the incoming programming in the training path of health personnel as a whole should always be based on the effective estimate of the needs of our Health System in the years to come, both in total, thus referring to the number of guaranteed accesses to the CdL , and in individual specializations with a number of grants allocated to suit the budgeted needs.

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To date, there is still little clarity on the ways in which this need is estimated, therefore the SISM asks that first of all a single model be developed at national level for all Regions that allows an objective assessment and supported by clear and univocal data on actual needs. health of the population in order to consciously plan the future.

We therefore believe that the Recovery Plans must be consciously reviewed according to objective criteria in order to concretely improve our National Health System.

Italian Secretariat for Medical Students – APS (SISM)

January 31, 2022
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