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The long list of recognized occupational diseases in 2022

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Recognized occupational diseases are unfortunately part of a long list. Inail provides economic compensation for workers, but let’s find out which occupations are on the list.


the professional diseases they are all the pathologies that arise due to the work done. These are health problems that particularly concern a specific category of workers employed in malicious activities. The consequences of the occupation can be more or less serious, from breathing difficulties to tumors, from skin rashes to chemical diseases. Inail recognizes subjects who carry out work considered at risk of economic allowances when the disease arises. But what are these occupations?

Disability check, now there are the official parameters: that’s who it is for

Recognized occupational diseases, there are three black lists

Inali created three diverse list inserting the pathologies related to jobs considered as dangerous and the cause of their onset. List number 1 includes diseases with high probability of onset by work origin. List number 2 lists the pathologies with limited probability while list number 3 includes diseases with possible employment origin.

List 1, high probability

List number 1 is divided into six groups. The first group includes all diseases related to chemical agents such as pulmonary fibrosis, bronchial asthma, conjunctivitis and rhinitis due to contact with vinyl or copper chloride. In the second group we find the pathologies caused by physical agents. Disc herniation, microtrauma, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, retinal lesions, epicondelitis, all diseases related to a manual handling of loads or the use of lasers or activities repeated continuously during the work shift.

Bonus, those who suffer from these diseases are entitled to a discount on their electricity bill

The third group includes diseases for biological agents such as hepatitis A, B and C or HIV. Next, the fourth group includes diseases respiratory system for gases or welds, asbestos or free crystalline silica while the penultimate group includes skin diseases. These can result from ionizing or infrared radiation. Finally, the sixth group includes the tumor pathologies due to arsenic or asbestos or wood dust.

Occupational diseases, list 2 with limited probability

The second list of recognized occupational diseases is formed by four groups. It ranges fromrheumatoid arthritis of the first group at tendonitis of the Achilles tendon of the second group up to i tumors of the third group due to the refining of petroleum, benzene or ionizing radiation. Finally, the fourth group includes the psychic or psychosomatic pathologies due to work organization.

List 3, possibilities

The last list includes diseases with possibility of working origin as the pulmonary fibrosis or the plaques of the pleura due to ceramic fibers or as the thoracic outlet syndrome or the Dupuytren’s disease. Then, in list number three, i tumors bonded to vinyl chloride or cobalt.

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