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The long season of events at the Foro Italico Park is colored “green”.

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The long season of events at the Foro Italico Park is colored “green”.

The white line of marble touches the red clay tennis courts and the blue of the swimming pools, reaching the green surface of the Olympic Stadium, whose oval shape, in this case, symbolizes “zero”… like the quota of emissions from reach thanks to the route ofAgenda 2030 which contains the 17 goals for sustainable development.
Sport and Health, the state company that deals with the development of sport and the promotion of correct lifestyles, wants to be a trailblazer and reference for the sustainability of sporting events, choosing to introduce concrete actions in the long season of events which this spring -summer 2024 will involve the Foro Italico.

Give it to him Internazionali BNL d’Italia up to the four Roman stages of tour-eco friendly dei Coldplaypassing through the BNL Italy Major Premier Padelthe matches of soccer of Rome and Lazio and the final of Italian Cupappointments with the taekwondo and the I swimuntil European Athletics Championships and you have great concerts of the Olympic Stadium and the tennis center.

There are four fundamental guidelines that Sport and Health follows to achieve the objective: waste, mobility-accessibility, food & beverage ed energy.

The goal is to reduce the use of plastic. To do this it is necessary both to inform and educate fans and enthusiasts and to train all dedicated staff.
Furthermore, a strengthening of separate waste collection, with the presence of staff next to the assets to indicate the correct disposal of the various types of waste. Added to this is also the stipulation of specific agreements with national consortia specialized in recycling and waste management.

There are several solutions introduced on one theme, that of mobility, which is central due to the large number of spectators who gather to and from the Foro Italico during the events.
The interventions include the creation of manned and guarded areas for parking bicycles, but also dedicated parking for those who adopt sustainable mobility solutions such as “car sharing”, “bike sharing” e “car pooling”.
In the name of accessibility, the Olympic Stadium has been equipped with a “quiet room”, a silent room, with special lighting, from where you can follow the events in a relaxing environment, where sensory overload is reduced and intended for people with specific disorders .

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Another big theme is that of food. Not only regarding waste and surpluses but also regarding correct nutrition.
In addition to theuse of compostable materialin catering and in the various areas dedicated to food you will be asked to propose offers 0 km and seasonal foodwith a differentiation of the proposal for the various diets and types: vegan, vegetarian, gluten freeetc.

Since 2018 the entire Foro Italico Park and also the Olympic Stadium have been using only 100% certified electricity coming from renewable sources and therefore with related scope 2 emissions equal to zero.
In this way you can guarantee, in addition to normal daily activities, the holding zero-emission sporting events regarding the infrastructures used within the Park.
The use of diesel fuel for heating within the Park has also been eliminated.
Furthermore, numerous have been created energy saving interventions e di energy renewal of the systems in order to further reduce the energy consumption of the structures.
The Olympic Stadium has been equipped with a cutting-edge LED lighting system capable of reducing consumption by 33% and the other systems in the park have also been the subject of high standard LED relamping interventions.
The energy systems have been equipped with BMS (Building Management System) systems in order to optimize their operation and allow them to be controlled even remotely. A new cogeneration plant also allows the self-production of 1.1 GWh/year of electricity which is used to satisfy the energy needs of the park together with the recovery of 1.7 GWh/year of thermal energy intended for heating the existing swimming pools; any electricity produced in excess of needs is fed into the grid and contributes to lightening the electrical loads in the area.
With a view to environmental sustainability, the water consumption of the structures present in the park is also the subject of monitoring and saving interventions which have made it possible, for example, to reduce water consumption in the Olympic Stadium by 44% compared to 2018.

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Sport and Health‘s attention to sustainability is not limited to the four directions and the event season of the Foro Italico Park, but involves all corporate action.
Starting from the development of the plant engineering. For this a was signed memorandum of understanding with the GSE – Energy Services Manager, thus starting an institutional collaboration to encourage the energy transition in the sports sectorthrough the implementation of various projects, including the energy redevelopment of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the valorisation of the Sports and Health real estate assets, the promotion of sustainable mobility and the development of models for the co-financing of interventions on public and private facilities, integrating PNRR funds with GSE incentives.

Furthermore, the contest of the “Active School” project which, thanks to the collaboration with ASviS, involves schools from all over Italy in the challenge through multimedia content focused on concrete actions linked to the 17 global objectives of the UN 2023 agenda. Each class is in fact called to adopt one or more objectives, identifying concrete actions that can be taken to achieve them and help Sport and Health improve the planet!

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