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The lost kindness – the Republic

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If it is true, as we sometimes tell ourselves, that kindness will save us, then we are doomed. In that real world that are social networks, the law of the pack is in force. When one is in trouble, or makes a mistake, even venial, no one merely makes him notice it gracefully: they bite him. The more he is in difficulty, the more reinforcements arrive, to throw another stone. The pillory wasn’t much different.

It must be said that this does not happen on TikTok or his Instagram, partly because they are built like fairy kingdoms, and a lot because the comments are hidden there, in short, you have to go through them all to find the perfidious one, capable of unleashing a flame, a blaze; meanwhile, the desire to bite passes away. Up Facebook and above all on Twitter it’s different. The most relevant comments on Facebook are shown first and if you want yours to be highlighted, better shoot it big; on Twitter then almost only the comments count, that is the conversations (joined in trending topic with hashtags).

Once, a long time ago, on this word, “conversations”, we had built the bucolic idea of ​​a Web where we can meet, confront, build a better world. Is there anyone who feels like combining these 3 verbs with the experience we have every day on Twitter? Twitter, it must be said, compared to social networks is a small world in terms of the number of users; and also by type: there are mainly journalists, politicians and those who want to quarrel with journalists and politicians. Indeed, do not argue, insult them. Shit them. The thing is striking with famous people, but it affects everyone a bit. If you write something just controversial, no one politely invites you to correct yourself by proposing another point of view: you are immediately incompetent, a sold, a pennivist. And whoever points this out to you, tag a few friends inviting them to throw their stone. On Twitter, and to some extent in life, the different point of view has no hope of being taken into consideration. We are right and the others are wrong. Point. AND what matters is not even just to point it out, but to point it out to everyone, in the hope of stirring up the herd (which, however, does not like to waste time and only moves if the target is really big).

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The other day I saw a man who was indignant because in a post one had put an article in the place of another: a “of” instead of “of”, something like that, and instead of suggesting a correction politely , had started to attack calling as judge none other than the Accademia della Crusca. And when there are more complex issues involved, in which technical expertise is required and the search for truth is complex, a small group of elect is only there to list the errors of others not with the aim of correcting them, but of getting rid of them. authors. Take a look at what happens on the story of the Lazio region to understand. They are all special indignant.

Here, I’m not when we lost the kindness. If it’s Covid’s fault that has stressed us out; o the algorithms behind social engagement; or if we have always been like this and we do not remember it. But really we need more kindness, to come out to meet us, to give hands to those who are left behind, to support those who make mistakes, to try to understand the reasons of others. To use fewer capital letters and more italics. Say hello, please and thank you: how much exactly do you not read it on social media?

Just so we can do it. And we’re not doing it.


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