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The lyrics of the songs (finally) arrive on the Spotify app

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“The lyrics are here, finally”. Spotify writes it with a good dose of self-irony, on social media, announcing the new function with a short movie in which the Maneskins also appear.

On the smartphone app, press Play, then scroll the screen with a finger upwards – “swipe up”, as they say in English-speaking countries – and the lyrics of each song appear in writing. in perfect karaoke style. The novelty affects both free and premium profiles in possession of a subscription.

It does not end here. To win over creators, influencers and common users of social networks, Spotify made the lyrics shareable: you can highlight the verses of a song and then you can publish them in the form of a card on Instagram, Facebook o Twitter.

Better late than never, then. Spotify fills one of its biggest gaps, its users have been reporting for some time. AND it does so thanks to an Italian startup, Musixmatch, with which Daniel Ek’s platform has been collaborating for some time.

Musixmatch, founded in Bologna by Massimo Ciola, who is also CEO of the startup, is one of the richest song lyrics database in the world, with millions of songs in the archive and a community of 50 million users. Ciola was one of the guests of the last one Italian Tech Week which took place in Turin, the protagonist of a panel on “startups to bet on”.

Italian Tech Week 2021, the Italian startups to bet on

For several years already Musixmatch lyrics were integrated into the desktop version of Spotify. Now change the icon to reach them and the graphics, but not the substance: you start a song and then, to see the lyrics, you have to click on the microphone icon at the bottom right.


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