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The man with blue skin, this is how Paul Karason became “Papa Smurf”

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The man with blue skin, this is how Paul Karason became “Papa Smurf”

The Strange Case of Paul Karason: The Man with Blue Skin

Paul Karason, an American man, made headlines for his unique condition of having blue skin. Nicknamed “Papa Smurf” due to his skin color and white beard, Karason’s blue hue was not natural. He had been taking colloidal silver as a DIY remedy for dermatitis for over 12 years, causing his skin to turn blue.

Karason, born in Washington state in 1950, had suffered from dermatitis from an early age. Instead of seeking traditional medical treatment, he opted to drink colloidal silver, a silver-based solution dispersed in water, believed to have healing properties. However, as scientific knowledge advanced, the use of colloidal silver was abandoned by the medical community, with the FDA stating its lack of safety and efficacy.

Despite the warnings, Karason continued his silver regimen, consuming 750 ml per day and applying it directly to his skin. This led to a condition called Argyria, where the skin turns gray/blue due to excessive silver exposure. Karason’s condition was permanent, and he was unable to regain his natural skin color.

While some may wonder if Argyria led to his death, the official cause was a stroke, not related to his skin condition. Karason’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unproven remedies and the importance of seeking medical advice from professionals.

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