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The Medicine for the Planet: SIGRE’s Campaign Promotes Recycling for a Healthier Environment

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The Medicine for the Planet: SIGRE’s Campaign Promotes Recycling for a Healthier Environment

SIGRE: ‘The Medicine for the Planet is Recycling’

A new campaign by SIGRE, the non-profit entity created by the pharmaceutical industry, is highlighting the importance of recycling for the health of both the planet and its inhabitants. The campaign, titled “The Medicine for the Planet is Recycling,” aims to convey the message that every time individuals dispose of their medicine containers at SIGRE Points in pharmacies, they are contributing to the care of their own health and that of the environment.

The campaign stands out for its emotional and informative tone, accompanied by images of nature that depict the life cycle of medicine. From its research by pharmaceutical companies to its responsible use and correct environmental management after being consumed, the campaign emphasizes the close relationship between health and the planet.

Humberto Arnés, the president of SIGRE, explains that the campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to protect the environment in order to safeguard our own health. He emphasizes that every citizen’s individual commitment to recycling contributes to something bigger – the health of the planet and all its inhabitants.

For over 22 years, SIGRE has been implementing eco-design measures to develop more sustainable packaging, facilitating the reverse logistics of waste collection, and recycling materials from medicine containers. As a result, the average weight of pharmaceutical containers has been reduced by over 25%. This has also helped avoid the felling of 200,000 trees, prevented the emission of 84,440 tons of CO₂, and saved the consumption of 370 million liters of water, 400 million kWh of energy, and 65 million liters of oil. These efforts contribute to the fight against climate change and reduce air pollution.

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The campaign will be present in major media outlets and in all pharmacies across Spain. It also calls for special attention to be paid to antibiotics. Shockingly, four out of ten Spaniards are not aware that improper disposal of antibiotics can contribute to the development of bacterial resistance, which is a major public health threat.

SIGRE’s primary objective is to ensure the proper environmental management of empty containers and medicine residues of domestic origin. The organization pursues a dual purpose: promoting eco-design measures to reduce packaging waste and ensuring the collection and correct environmental treatment of medicine waste, and encouraging individuals to periodically review their medicine cabinets to avoid unnecessary accumulation and to raise awareness about the health risks associated with improper medicine use.

With this new campaign, SIGRE aims to create a widespread understanding that recycling is not just a solution for waste management but also a vital step in protecting the environment and preserving our own health.

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