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The microchip crisis is postponing the debut of a model, it had never happened before

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The Global Premiere of Grecale – the new compact SUV – originally scheduled for next November 16, is postponed to spring 2022: this is how Maserati announces a sensational postponement of its relaunch, precisely due to the lack of microchips. The continuous interruptions in the supply chain of key components to complete the production process of the cars, we know, are putting the car sector in difficulty, but it is the first time that the launch of a new model has been delayed.

a bit of history

Ok, but what are semiconductors?

by Andrea Nepori

It had never happened before and Maserati’s stance redraws the politics of the automotive world up to now particularly careful not to scare consumers. But now the shortage of semiconductors and their low production quantity would not allow to adequately respond to the global demand expected for a new model. And the problem is no longer able to be solved by extending delivery times: it is really necessary to postpone the entire launch program.

The deepening

Why the microchip crisis slows down car production

by Vincenzo Borgomeo

“The new Grecale – they explain to Maserati – is a product characterized by extremely innovative contents, especially as regards connectivity and man-machine interface”. And if electronics are king, all that remains is to throw in the towel. In any case, at the house of the Trident they also triumphantly announce that “ours is a brand dedicated to growth and does not stop”. But it is only the first step. Other brands will soon be forced to postpone the launch of new models.

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