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‘The ministerial inspection confirms what we have reported’

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“The report of the Inspectors of the Ministry of Health that the regional administration, in a transparent manner, could and should have made public as early as October 4, the date of receipt of the document, fully satisfies us”, comments theAaroi Emac Fvg, Association of Hospital Resuscitators – Emergency critical area, “because it is nothing more than the evident confirmation of consistency, entity and correctness of what we reported last April: incorrect coding of Emergency Medicine beds counted as Intensive Care in some hospitals and confused communication and wrong connotation of the beds occupied by intensive patients in other hospitals “.

“The Ministerial inspectors enter into the merits of compliance with norms, rules, safety standards and the guarantee of clinical risk. Reading an unlikely analysis of the working climate between the lines of the report represents a personal pretext by the Assessor in an attempt to divert the ‘beware of real problems “, reports Aaroi Emac Fvg. “Moreover, this extemporaneous surreal interest of the Councilor for the working climate among professionals is astonishing, which this regional administration has never heard and involved in any decision despite the heartfelt repeated appeals of the regional inter-union”.

“We reassure and categorically deny the Councilor, because there is no ‘fight between professionals’ of the first line, always united and compact and too committed to maintaining the high clinical-care standards of our health system. total support from the whole category and great satisfaction from the whole regional and even national healthcare world, for the seriousness and correctness of the action carried out. they are more part of Aaroi Emac. Our surveillance action will continue along this line, to guarantee transparency and fairness and to protect the safety of operators and patients “, concludes the note from the Secretariat of the Regional Council of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators.

“The climate of intimidation of health professionals is now intolerable, starting with the representatives of the trade union organizations to whom our solidarity goes. The use of the regional council and institutional communication bodies for the denigration of the opposition and of anyone who allows himself to highlight operational difficulties. These attitudes cannot be justified, flattered or covered up because there is a pandemic and we must be cohesive with the head. The management of regional health in the test of the pandemic has shown its limits, starting precisely from the inability to foresee, organize, share “, declared the senator Tatiana Rojc and the member of the State-Fvg Joint Commission Salvatore Spitaler, both of the Democratic Party.

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