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the miracle at the Polyclinic of Modena

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the miracle at the Polyclinic of Modena

A 14-hour operation to save the life of a 4-month-old baby suffering from a serious pathology of the esophagus. The surgery was performed by a staff of specialists at the Modena Polyclinic, where for the first time a thoracoscopic esophageal reconstruction was performed on a 4-month-old baby, who was missing a 12-centimeter section of the esophagus . The intervention was actually divided into two tranches, 10 days apart, each lasting seven hours.

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rare pathology

Atresia is a major malformation, affecting one in 3,000 newborns. The first type is the most difficult because it involves a very large interruption of the esophagus. «The esophagus is the first tract of the digestive tract that allows food to pass from the mouth to the stomach…In esophageal atresia there is an interruption of the esophagus often associated with the abnormal presence of a communication with the trachea, the which has the task of allowing the passage of air into the lungs. The causes of this pathology are currently unknown» is the comment of Pier Luca Ceccarelli, head of the Pediatric Surgery team.

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Little patient

The medical staff was already aware of the baby’s malformation before he was born, so after the birth he was taken care of by neonatologists and when he was 4 months old, he underwent surgery. In the first operation it was possible to approach the two flaps of the esophagus up to about 3 centimeters, after which ten days were waited for the tissues to stabilize for the second operation which made it possible to join the two flaps and suture them. Once the new esophagus was reconstructed, the baby began to feed properly. He has now been discharged.

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