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The ‘misleading’ label appears on Twitter to counteract disinformation

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On January 16, under the tweet of an Italian Twitter user in which the words ‘nurse’ and ‘blood samples’ appeared, a new label appeared in our country: it says ‘Misleading’ next to a road sign-like icon indicating a hazard. And underneath it is written: “Find out the reasons that lead the health authorities to deem Covid-19 vaccines safe for the majority of the population “.

It’s about a absolute novelty for Italy, for the moment – according to user reports – almost an isolated case. The ability to flag a tweet as ‘misleading’in fact, theoretically it would not (yet) be possible in our country.

The case

Facebook and Twitter ignore reports on Covid disinformation

curated by Alex Cadier

Just open the “Help Center” page of the social network to read a notice at the top: the “This is misleading” option, which should appear among the various menu items when reporting a tweet for its inappropriate content, “is currently being tested and is only available to certain users in Australia, South Korea and the United States. “

In reality, apparently Twitter has just extended the possibility of reporting a tweet as ‘misleading’ to three other countries: Brazil, Spain and the Philippines. This was reported by the Reuters agency, which also points out as Twitter, since it introduced the new function for counteract disinformation, has received around three million reports from its users.

In August 2021, when he introduced the new label, Twitter also wrote:

“We may not act and cannot respond to every report, but your input will help us identify trends so we can improve the speed and scope of our disinformation work.”


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