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The most beautiful short hairstyles with bangs 2024

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Short hair always makes a statement. They exude self-confidence and style and are usually retained by bold ladies. The same goes for bangs. Bangs are often a popular choice when you need a quick change. This year, these two hair trends are combined and people are wearing short hairstyles with bangs again. Let’s take a look at the most popular trends and hairstyles for short hair with bangs in 2024!

Photo: Instagram @yukistylist


Short hair and bangs: a chic and trendy combination

Hair is our way to express our personality and style. While some women need a long mane to feel feminine and confident, for others it is the short hairstyle that boosts their self-confidence. Short hair is associated with freedom and courage and the women who wear it are usually extroverted and open to new things.

Photo: Instagram @nikcabral

At the same time, bangs are associated with a playful and lively personality of the wearer. The bangs still express reliability and attention to detail, which are derived from the attention to styling. The combination of the two types of hairstyles creates a chic and distinctive style that definitely does not go unnoticed.

Here are the most beautiful ideas for short hairstyles with bangs in 2024!

Would you like to get a new, shorter hairstyle before the warm season? Get inspired by the most popular short hairstyles in 2024 and choose your next haircut with bangs! You can find examples and ideas in the picture gallery.

Pixie with slanted bangs

Photo: Instagram @nikcabral

For straight, thick hair, a short pixie with side-swept bangs is always a great choice. This classic hairstyle will stay with us in 2024 and you can spice it up with extra layering in the top hair for a trendy look.

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Short bob with curtain bangs

Photo: Instagram @yukistylist

The curtain bangs are the best choice if you dare to have bangs for the first time. They are touted as the most versatile bang option that suits and flatters every face shape. In addition, the fringe grows back relatively faster compared to short bangs. So if you find out that this is not your hairstyle, the hair will grow back in a few months.

The best short hairstyle for curtain bangs is the bob. For example, you can have the fringes blended into the layered lengths of the bob for a modern look with extra swing. This creates a beautiful frame for the face that flatters all face shapes.

Baby bangs are trendy

Photo: Instagram @jayne_edosalon

The so-called micro bangs from the 90s have made a comeback and are already considered one of the stars’ favorite hairstyles. On short hair it can be paired with either a pixie or a short bob for a bold and bold look. With this bangs variant, it is important that the eyebrows remain visible. This puts the focus on the eyes and is an effective way to visually elongate a round face.

Super short bob with thin full bangs

Photo: Instagram @estyher

This mini bob with bangs is super chic and stylish. The rounded edges highlight the cheekbones and the blunt bangs frame the eyes, completing the whole look perfectly. A particularly casual hairstyle that can be styled in less than 10 minutes in the morning.

Bixie Cut mit Pony

Photo: Instagram @i.do.haiir

For everyone who couldn’t decide between a pixie cut and a bob, the cool bixie haircut was created a few years ago. This playful hairstyle initially gives the impression of being a pixie but has the added length of the bob. The bangs are a frequent companion of the trendy cut and the hot combination will also be very popular in spring 2024.

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Curly short hairstyles with bangs

Photo: Instagram @stebunovhair

Chin-length bob hairstyles are perfect for naturally curly hair. When the hair is disheveled and falls freely, short hair with bangs always looks very fashionable. Thin mini bangs are perfect if you want to avoid lengthy styling times.

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Short wolf cut

Photo: Instagram @yukistylist

Remember the Wolf Cut? This unusual cut caused a sensation 3 years ago and has had a permanent place among trend hairstyles ever since. All brave women who dream of an unconventional cut should definitely consider the short version of the Wolf Cut. Combined with curtain bangs it creates a really cool, sassy look.

Chic pixie bob with bangs for straight hair

Photo: Instagram @studio_moston

This modern pixie cut with extra length at the back of the head and around the ears is an extremely casual yet chic hairstyle. A long, center-parted fringe that flows seamlessly into the rest of the hair goes perfectly with this.

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