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the most common symptoms that could cause concern

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One of the most common among men, prostate cancer, before becoming aggressive, sends signals to which we must pay attention.

One of the most common cancers in humans (photo from Pixabay)

One of the most popular among men, the prostate cancer, before becoming aggressive, send out signals that you need to pay attention to. These signals are underestimated by many, also because they coincide with daily actions, but which can raise an alarm bell.

For example, how often you go to the bathroom could be one of these signals. If you go to the bathroom to pee many times a day, especially overnight, perhaps it is the case to be examined by a doctor. Usually, it is the first sign that is found for the disease.

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The most common symptoms for diagnosing prostate cancer

Most prostate-related symptoms are related to urine
Most Prostate-Related Symptoms Are Urine-Related (Photo from Pixabay)

We have already said the most common and frequent symptom: getting up often at night to urinate. The people most at risk are those over fifty years old, those who have already had similar cases in the family and people of color. According to an English research, the coloured people have a better chance of developing this type of cancer.

The alarm bells, which should cause concern, are related to urine. If emptying your bladder is difficult, or if your pee has a weak flow, or if you still feel full after urinating, then it is best to contact a doctor. Having to pee suddenly and hard is also not a good sign.

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Combined with symptoms related to urine and bladder, we can list others, such as, during intercourse, not having an erection. Obviously, everybody does not have periods, but thedifficult erection is one of the symptoms. Or even pain in the hip and pelvis, blood in semen and pee, or dripping and leaking urine in your underwear without noticing. If you notice these problems, don’t hesitate to get checked.

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