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The most requested aesthetic medicine procedures before the “yes”

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The most requested aesthetic medicine procedures before the “yes”

Harmonious smile, bewitching gaze, defined oval manage to increase self-confidence just like tailor-made wedding dress. Awareness increased exponentially with the pandemic. “The confinement and the use of online conferences have changed the perception of the self. Compared to the past, we are all much more careful to visualize the details that we do not like, and to find the solution to cancel them », explains the aesthetic doctor Attilio Buccomino. The great interest in minimally invasive protocols has meant that in addition to the classic fillers there are also small interventions that give great results. Which the bride-to-be can select according to the time she has available before the altar appointment


A month and a half earlier: sexier look

Bella Hadid led the way for a trend in aesthetic medicine that appeals to many women: foxy eyes. The two words, translated from English, mean “fox eyes”, and indicates the shape with the external corners and the final part of the eyebrows raised towards the temporal zone. In addition to making the look exotic, they also give a lifting effect that reduces contour wrinkles. «To get this result absorbable threads are used whose surface is studded with micro-cones which, once implanted under the skin between the lower part of the outer corner of the eye and hooked near the hairline, they lift and stretch the tissues », says Attilio Buccomino. In this case, the procedure must be done at least a month and a half before the event.


Two months earlier: the smile is in the viewfinder

Attention is increasingly focused on the mouth. One of the characteristics that is found unpleasant concerns the place that houses the teeth: the gums. «The gum smile is increasingly considered an imperfection to be hidden. To correct it, Merz Aesthetics’ neurotoxin for aesthetic use, free of complexing proteins, is used, specific for the correction of dynamic imperfections. Following the technique gummy smile reduction, is injected through two entry holes made on the levator lip muscle. The labial mucosa maintains its mobility and, in this way, by pronouncing the word cheese only the teeth are revealed, ”explains Buccomino. It is recommended to resort to this procedure at least two months before the wedding day, so that the specialist two weeks after the session can check the result and, if necessary, make other small corrections to improve it.

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Three months before: redefining the features

One of the best treatments to combat sagging skin and treat yourself to a real one lifting without resorting to a scalpel is Ultherapy®. This non-invasive treatment is free of cuts or holes generated by a syringe, it stimulates the production of collagen. This fiber in turn lifts and firms the skin, restoring definition to the contours of the face. The mechanism of action is based on the use of micro-focused ultrasounds that provide precise doses of energy at the same cutaneous level on which plastic surgeons work when they “unglue” and stretch the excess skin. «The mandibular line which has lost definition and the zygomatic arch which tends to lose tone also benefit», states Attilio Buccomino. The effect lasts from 12 months to a couple of years. And to be ready for the wedding day, the future bride who wants a toned, luminous and natural face must undergo this type of protocol at least three months in advance.

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