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The most used antibiotic for Covid – Health ended in Italy

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For days, the most used antibiotic for Covid patients both at home and in the hospital, the Zithromax and the generic, has no longer been found in Italian pharmacies.

Missing would be the molecule necessary for the production of the drug that is prescribed in association with anti-inflammatories.

The difficulty in finding the medicine is due to the enormous use in the last 2 months linked to the increase in infections and probably also to the hoarding by those who have not contracted the disease but are afraid of contagion.

The antibiotic Zithromax and the generic are used in the therapy against Covid following several scientific studies that have demonstrated its effectiveness both to counteract any complications in patients due to bacteria, and with the value of immuno modulating against the Sars-Cov2 virus. According to what is learned, the shortage of the medicine will be affected by Aifa, the Italian drug agency. Among the possibilities also the indication to use another family of antibiotics in place of the missing one.

“Azithromycin is an antibacterial antibiotic that is used in the treatment of some bacterial infections, but is useless in the treatment of Covid”. Thus the Genoese infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti intervenes via social media on the case of the exhaustion of Zithromax, the most used antibiotic to treat Covid patients at home and in the hospital.

“The question is: is azithromycin needed in the treatment of Covid? Is there a data or a study that says it is useful? What does it heal sooner? What reduces hospital admissions? What reduces mortality? None of this. Do you know what it is for? To produce resistant bacteria, of which Italy is full more than any other European country. In viral infections such as Covid, antibiotics must not be used, except in some very selected cases. Very selected, less than 2 % of the total. Just use the azithromycin and the other antibiotics in the covid. They are not needed. They create resistance and then they are lacking for those who really need them “.

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