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the Mushroom Killer worries not only in the USA, what we know

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the Mushroom Killer worries not only in the USA, what we know
Candida Auris, the killer bacterium that is causing numerous infections
There is much concern about the killer mushroom ‘Candida Auris’ which is proving to be highly dangerous due to its high mortality rate, especially in the United States.

Not just the US, however. A case has also been ascertained in Italy, in Tuscanyexactly on March 17, 2023 in the hospital of Cisanelloa Pisa. Fortunately the situation is under control and the patient is in solitary confinement.
A new investigation by the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention
(Cdc) of the United States which has demonstrated how much the phenomenon is a ‘serious threat to global health’.
According to clinical cases in the USA, in 2019 they increased by 44% (from 330 to 476 in one year), by 59% in 2020 (from 476 to 756) and by 95% in 2021 (from 756 to 1,471).

Me too’Oms, as also reported by Skytg24, has recently entered the Candida Auris in the group of critical priority fungi that pose a threat to public health.
Ma what do we know about this mushroom? It is mostly a bacterium which causes a series of infections in the urogenital tract, but also respiratory and which more rarely causes invasive infections such as candidemia, pericarditis, urinary tract infections and pneumonia.
In this regard, there was also theIss who explained how the identification of cases of Candida Auris infection is rather difficult as it requires the use of specific technologies in the laboratory; for this reason many people can be infected without being sure. The infection it can occur through contact with contaminated surfaces or medical devices and the symptoms vary according to the part of the body involved. Among the most common clinical cases we find: bloodstream infections, intra-abdominal infections and otitis, while it is not yet clear whether it can cause lung and bladder infections.

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The fear that a new epidemic could break out due to this killer mushroom is quite high. L’Higher Institute of Health he stressed that patients are at risk of developing invasive infections at all times and recommended tracing close contacts to identify positive subjects as soon as possible.

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