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The N64 version of “Paper Mario” will join the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack lineup on December 10th

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As long as you join the “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack” plan, you can enjoy the nostalgic games「NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online」Services will be added on December 10 (Friday)《Adventure of Adventure (Mario Story)》

※ Editor’s note: Since this work was derived into the later “Paper Mario” series, this work was translated into “Paper Mario”.

“Mario Adventure” is an action RPG game launched on the NINTENDO 64 platform in 2000. The paper-like Mario will be active in a picture book-like world. Let’s take a look at the video introducing this work first!

Mario is going to take a big adventure in a picture book-like world this time

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On the other side of the night sky, there is a kingdom of stars. It is said that there is a “star wand” that can realize the wish and is guarded by the seven star elves, but unexpectedly, it was snatched by the great demon king Kuba. Mario, who was unaware of this incident, received a party invitation letter from Princess Brigitte at this time. Mario and Luigi went to the mushroom castle where Princess Brigitte was. However, they did not know that they were about to fall into the trap set by the powerful Kuba…

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Operate Mario to take an adventure on the map and save the Star Elf and Princess Brigitte who were caught by Kuba! On the map, there are not only many “bricks” that will have various effects with one tap, but also “pipes” that can be drilled in. They are all familiar props in the “Super Mario” series. The way to fight the enemy is to press the button at the right time to use the “action command.” As long as you can make good use of powerful attacks and defenses, you can easily pass the battle.

Reproduce the published content of “64DREAM”

The introduction article published on Nintendo’s official website received help from the editorial department of “NINTENDO DREAM”.“Mario Adventure” related news and strategy skillsIntroduce them publicly.

  • image

    August 2000

  • image

    September 2000

  • image

    October 2000

Editing: KAYAYAN


Hello everyone, this is KAYAYAN from the editorial department of “Nin Tianmeng”. “Nin Tianmeng” was originally a magazine born under the name of “The 64DREAM”. I was just a reader at the time, but I remember the three issues of “64DREAM” in the August, September, and October 2000 issues about “Mario Adventure”. The report in the August issue introduces the overall characteristics of the game, while the September and October issues are about basic operations and strategies for the early to mid-game.

You can refer to the following links for all three reports.

※ The published content is the content published at the time.

In addition, the following will re-introduce a few practical tips from the content published in “DREA-TECH Palace (ドリテクの殿堂)” at that time. I hope it can be used as a reference for players who want to play this game.

Use your partner’s ability to attack first

When contacting an enemy character on the map, you can use the ability of your partner Kameiqi (カメキ) or Pink Soldier (ピンキー) to attack and see. Their abilities are the same as Mario’s jumps and mallets to attack first. Although the pink soldier has to calculate the timing of the explosion, it may be a bit difficult to use…?

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    If Kamec’s shell is thrown out and hits the enemy, it means the attack is successful!

The gossip of Mushroom Town! ?

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In the bulletin board of Mushroom Town, try to stand behind and read. I didn’t expect to see “Mushroom Town Trail News” with completely different content from the front! Although there are no tips related to adventure, I always find it interesting to be able to see some different content. The gossip is the same as the positive news and will be changed at any time as the adventure progresses.

The memorable Mario and BGM

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In the “Shy Ghost Mansion” that appeared in level 3, you can go to the front room on the right side of the first floor. Let Mario jump into the pot in the room, there will be nostalgic music, and Mario will also jump out of the dot matrix transformed into “Super Mario Bros.”! However, as long as you leave this room, Mario’s appearance and background music will change back to the original.

Luigi’s secret basement

After learning the spin jump (くるりんジャンプ) in level 3, you can go back to Mario’s house and have a look. On the floor of the innermost room, a part of it looks weird. Unexpectedly, as long as you stand on a strange floor and use the spin jump, you will find a secret basement. And you can see Luigi’s diary in the basement…!

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    As long as the spin jump is used here, I did not expect to be able to turn the floor…

  • image

    Then came to the secret basement! You can peek at Luigi’s diary when he is away!And the content of the diary will gradually increase with the adventure

If you want to play with the Joy-Con handle, the button control configuration and other settings can be confirmed in the “Operation Guide (Operation ガイド)” in the game. The operation guide is opened as follows:

  1. Press the “-” button (minus button) in the game

  2. Press the “X” button in the “Interrupt Menu”

Nostalgic game works that can be played on “NINTENDO 64 Nintendo Switch Online”, how to join “Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack” or change the membership plan, etc., please refer to the official website for details.

© 2000 Nintendo Game by INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.


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