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The natural drink that manages to keep cholesterol at bay

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The natural drink that manages to keep cholesterol at bay

It is a simple drink that is already available in nature, but its benefits are countless: it protects the heart, helps maintain weight, supports the digestive system and much more.

In nature this prodigious water is obtained from the nut of the fruit that contains it, and is considered in many civilizations a superfood thanks to the benefits it brings to the body. We are talking about coconut water, a very precious source of nutrition and health.

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While it is true that coconut water is available in nature, it is also true that it is not always present inside the walnut coconut. To make this happen, it is necessary to select and split unripe coconuts as the pulp in them is still in a “liquid” state. Let’s find out what this precious water is capable of donating.

Coconut water: a miracle for health

Coconut water is rich in nutrientsand to fill up on vitamins C, B, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium you just need to drink one glass. This superfine liquid contains numerous enzymes that help digest better and fight heartburn. The presence of vitamins and lauric acid inside acts as a shield against any attacks by viruses and bacteria.

Another positive aspect of this prodigious drink is the very low calorie content, which makes it perfect as an ally in a low-calorie diet regimen. Regular consumption of this delicious water allows for a increased metabolism stimulationgiving satiety and eliminating any swelling.

In addition, coconut water is highly diuretic, helping the body to eliminate excess fluids and purify the body. Drink coconut water stimulates general circulation and offers great hydration, improving and preventing the appearance of cellulite. Se pratichi sportinstead of still water and energy drink, you can opt for coconut water that quenches thirst, refreshes and counteracts dehydration.

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Fresh coconut (web photo)
Fresh coconut (web photo)

Coconut water produces good cholesterol if consumed regularly, thus managing to counteract cholesterol and high blood pressure, both of which are responsible for increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Also in medicine it is possible to exploit the innumerable qualities for the cosmetic field. When used on the face you get a purifying effectgoing to regulate excess sebum, e giving brightness to the complexion both in cases of dry and oily skin.

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