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The Netflix subscription with advertising will not allow the download of movies and series

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The Netflix subscription with advertising will not allow the download of movies and series

Who thought the future cheap subscription to Netflix were in fact a photocopy of the standard plans at least in terms of functionality, with some advertising but (perhaps) the same catalog available, will in all likelihood have to change his mind.

Developer Steve Moser, who has then shared the news with Bloomberg, discovered some traces in the Netflix app code from which it would be understood that the so-called light plan will not allow offline viewing of content. Those who pay less, in addition to having to put up with the advertisements, will not be able either set aside films and episodes to be reviewed without consuming dataon the plane or in all other situations where there is no connection or in any case you do not want to use it.

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Disney Plus surpassed Netflix in 3 years: how it happened and what will happen now (spoiler: it will raise prices)

by Emanuele Capone

At the moment Netflix in Italy has 3 floors subscription:

  • the one from 7.99 euros per month that allows you to view standard resolution content on only one device at a time;

  • the one from 12.99which rises to Full HD resolution with two devices at the same time;

  • the most complete one, from € 17.99 per monthwith 4K quality where it is available and viewing on 4 devices at a time.

In all likelihood, the economic subscription could be a version of the first floor, but precisely with advertising and without offline use for a cost less than 5 euros. It is shortly to find out: according to many, the novelty will arrive earlier than expected, that is already by 2022, perhaps announced with the winter news.

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According to others, the strategy could be significantly different: Ted Sarandos, co-CEO insieme a Reed Hastings, on the other hand, he had pitted some details some time ago. The differences with the other types of subscription could also concern the contents and therefore the available catalog. Conceived as a full-bodied appetizer, the plan would therefore give access perhaps only to the most delicious novelties (but not all) and to a very streamlined library, perhaps proposing after a certain period the change to one of the other plans with a discount. All this with advertising, which by the way is a bit more complicated to package in the contents enjoyed offline even with the help of Microsoft, which will be a technological partner for the next few months.

As is known, the goal is stop the bleeding of subscribers recorded in the last two quarters (although less dramatic than forecasts) e block the sharing of access details between users who do not belong to the same household. All that remains is to wait for the debut of this new subscription plan, and understand if in the end the content download will return from the window.

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