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The new Charter of the Rights of the Child is born: the doctor becomes a friend and also a “lawyer” to protect minors

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Every child has the right to their own identity, to have a family to grow up in a safe place, which protects their psycho-physical well-being, to be vaccinated and treated in case of illness, to be educated, listened to and protected against all forms of violence. .

Overprotected children from anxious parents: the damage in the long run

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The family pediatricians of our country launch the Charter of the Rights of the Child. More than 30 years after the Italian ratification of the New York Convention on the Rights of Childhood and Adolescence, the Italian Federation of Pediatricians (FIMP) has developed a new document presented today on the inaugural day of the XV National Congress entitled “Clouds, wind, rain … the rainbow! ” and which takes place in Baveno (VB) until next Saturday.

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Pediatricians must accompany the little ones from birth to adolescence

“We wanted to create a new version of the Charter already drawn up in 2001 in order to better respond to the changed conditions of childhood – says Dr. Paolo Biasci, President of the FIMP -. The difficult pandemic experience has shown that children and teenagers represent a particularly vulnerable segment of society and many times little taken into consideration. As family pediatricians we are the professional figures appointed to accompany the young person, from birth to adolescence, in his growth in health towards the achievement of the best possible physical, mental and social well-being “.

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The effects of the pandemic on children and adolescents: interview with Alberto Tommasini

“We operate in the field of primary care and we have a vision of health not only as a state of well-being but also as a resource for the growth of people and the community, on an emotional, intellectual, economic, ethical and spiritual level – continues Dr. Mattia Doria, National Secretary of Scientific and Ethical Activities FIMP -. The family pediatrician is a peculiarity of our national health system and is called to respond to the various health needs of the child. We therefore have a certain responsibility in responding to most of the rights set out in the New York Convention ”.

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The lockdown has worsened the situations of violence against children

This new document will now be distributed to national and regional institutions, in medical clinics and will become a reference point for the protection of adolescents. “It seems more and more imperative to fix some fixed points – underlines Biasci – too many cases of violence, too many violations of the rights of the little ones we record in our daily activities, exacerbated by whole months of lockdown and by too widespread anti-scientific attitudes. A strong embankment must be laid “.

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“We live in a society in constant and rapid transformation and yet there are rights that must always and only be guaranteed – says Dr. Milena Lo Giudice, FIMP Ethical-Social Area Coordinator -. This is what we want to strongly reaffirm with this new Charter which represents the formalization of the commitment that family pediatricians dedicate every day to the care of their patients and their families. Children and adolescents living in our country must increasingly become aware of their rights and must know that they have a friend in their pediatrician, an ally when appropriate and a lawyer if necessary “.

Covid, asymptomatic children at school: “As dangerous as adults”

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Health Reports

On the occasion of its Scientific Congress, the FIMP relaunches the system of visits based on Health balances, the real pillar of prevention and promotion strategies for health and healthy lifestyles. The “Budgets for Life” campaign is then presented, promoted by the FIMP and which includes a mini site bilanciperlavita.it/ which offers useful and certified information for parents and a strong activity on the connected Facebook profile of FIMP (with insights, videos interviews with experts and advice on neuromotor development controls).

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The appointments on Saturday 9 October in the Italian squares to talk about the topic

On Saturday 9 October, promotion and awareness-raising activities dedicated to families will take place in three Italian cities (Milan, Rome and Matera) aimed at raising parents’ awareness in following the appointments of the Health Reports at their family pediatrician with leaflets in front of supermarkets. “Health balances provide for a series of checks at regular intervals which aim to develop a longitudinal observation process of the child’s development – concludes Doria -. For example, the issues of nutrition for the prevention of obesity are dealt with in particular and the neurodevelopmental aspects are evaluated for the early recognition of neurodevelopmental disorders and neuromuscular diseases.

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One in seven teenagers have a mental disorder

The Reports then constitute a fundamental opportunity for overall monitoring of the well-being of the pediatric population also because they constitute useful moments of dialogue with parents. This is why we have decided to promote a national awareness campaign both online and face-to-face and which focuses on the well-being of children. In the coming weeks we will launch other initiatives to involve an increasing number of families ”.

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