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The new decree on compulsory vaccination for over 50s and on schools, today- breaking latest news

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Vaccination obligation, the new Covid decree approved today: all over 50s will have to vaccinate and need the green pass (basic or super) to enter beauticians, hairdressers, shops, public and private services. The rules for the school also change

The government unanimously approved a new decree with a series of important measures for the containment of the pandemic of Covid, which sees numbers of cases and deaths steadily rising due to the impact of the Omicron variant (here today’s bulletin). Today’s measures want to preserve the smooth functioning of hospitals and, at the same time, keep schools and businesses open, said the premier Mario Draghi. We want to slow the growth of the contagion curve and push the Italians who have not yet vaccinated themselves to do so. We intervene in particular on the age groups who are most at risk of hospitalization to reduce the pressure on hospitals and save lives.

The vaccination obligation

After a discussion lasting two and a half hours, the government decided to launch the obligation of vaccination for all those who have reached the age of 50.

For public and private workers, to access the workplace it will be necessary to have the super green pass (which is given to those vaccinated or cured of Covid) .

No age limits, the vaccination obligation then extended to university staff, which is therefore equated to the scholastic one.

The obligation starts from the entry into force of the decree (the day following its publication in the Official Journal). If you do not get vaccinated by February 1st, the penalty will apply.

Workers over 50 must have the super green at the latest from 15 February (because to get the super green pass it is necessary that 14 days pass from the first dose).

The decree states that the vaccination obligation applies to all residents in Italy, including European and foreign citizens, and provides for exceptions for cases of ascertained danger to health, in relation to specific clinical conditions documented, certified by the general practitioner or by the vaccinator.

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The multe

The penalty for those over 50 who do not get vaccinated will be 100 euros.

The penalty for over 50s who show up for work without a super green pass will be from 600 euros to 1,500 euros.

Where is the green pass needed? And since when?

Until June 15, according to a compromise reached in the council of ministers (and due to the strong opposition of the League to more stringent measures), the obligation of the basic green pass is extended a:

workers and customers of personal services (beauticians, hairdressers: the obligation starts on January 20)

workers and customers / users from public offices, postal, banking and financial services, commercial activities, subject to exceptions that will be identified later to ensure the fulfillment of essential needs (from 1 February to 15 June).

It is not necessary to have the basic green pass for customers of grocery stores
and pharmacies. Here are all the specifics on which certification is needed, where, and since when.

How does smart working change?

Also new for it smart working
: a circular was signed by the ministers for the public administration, Renato Brunetta, and for labor, Andrea Orlando, to sensitize public administrations and private employers to fully use the flexibility tools that sector disciplines already allow on the use of smart working.

What changes for the school?

On the school, the government-oriented one regular reopening from 10 January.

Here are the new rules, related to age groups:

– For the 0-6 age group, in the case of 1 positive in the class, the quarantine for the whole class will start, for a duration of 10 days.

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-For the primary school segment, with a case of positivity, surveillance with testing is activated, but the classroom activity continues by carrying out a rapid or molecular antigen test as soon as the case of positivity is known (T0), a test that will be repeated after five days (T5 ).
In the presence of two or more positives, the Dad will scatter for 10 days.

– There are many distinctions for the range of first and second grade secondary school students,
– with only 1 Covid case, self-monitoring is foreseen with the use, in the classroom, of FFP2 masks;
– with 2 cases, integrated digital teaching is foreseen for those who have completed the primary vaccination cycle for more than 120 days, who have recovered for more than 120 days, who have not received the booster dose. For all the others, the continuation of activities in the presence with self-surveillance and the use of FFP2 masks in the classroom is foreseen;
– from the third case, everyone will go into dad for 10 days.

The president of the National Presidia Association, Antonello Giannelli, spoke out against the measure, explaining that making the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated is a discriminatory measure among students. on the other hand, it is fair and correct to distinguish on the basis of age, because different vaccination situations correspond to different groups.

The third dose for the boys

The Council of Ministers has given the green light to the third dose for 12-15 year olds. From Monday, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza explained during the control room, it should be possible to book. Just today Aifa has expressed a favorable opinion on the possibility of providing a vaccine booster dose also for subjects aged between 12 and 15 years.

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The node of the asymptomatic tests

The Regions have asked the government to avoid swabs on asymptomatic patients, because they take away human resources for vaccinations and ordinary activities. The Government would have opened the possibility, upon requesting an opinion from the CTS.

The positions of the parties

On the subject of compulsory vaccination, the majority parties have carried out very diversified positions.

– The Pd asked a generalized obligation to overcome cases related to age and professions;
– 5 Star League and Movement they expressed the opposite, asking to set an obligation only for over 60 (We are responsible to the government but not acquiescent to measures, such as the obligations that deeply affect the freedom to work that protected by the constitution or to measures without scientific basis given that the absolute majority of Covid patients are well over 60 years old, they wrote, in a note to the council of ministers in progress, the ministers of the Lega Giancarlo Giorgetti, Massimo Garavaglia and Erika Stefani; while the leader of the 5 Stelle Conte heard the Prime Minister Mario Draghi before the start of the Council of Ministers);
– Iv he would have given support to Draghi’s position to move forward on the vaccination drive, keep economic activities open, also introducing obligation and super Green pass.

The rest of the tensions concentrated on the school, with Giuseppe Conte criticizing the management of the Draghi model pandemic from the outside. A few hours after the conclusion of the Council of Ministers, Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia (M5S) said she was disappointed with the decision to send only the unvaccinated to dad, judged to be discriminatory. a measure that I do not agree with and towards which I express my dissent.

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