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The new “delta plus” variant has arrived – Salute

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First cases found in the region, it could be up to 15% more contagious than the previous one

Delta Plus is also present in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the variant just designated as under investigation in the United Kingdom, the last step before being decreed VOC, that is worrying, the maximum level of attention.

In the UK, they noted that Delta Plus could be 10-15% more contagious than its parent, the classic Delta, which has never been seen before. For now, 4 cases have been identified in two different weeks, with a prevalence of 3% of the total, two in Trieste, one in Goriza, one imported, according to the monitoring of Professor Pierlanfranco D’Agaro’s regional reference laboratory.

following intervention by D’Agaro

The hypothesized greater transmissibility is not accompanied by a better ability to escape the vaccine.
It is necessary to understand if the recent increase in cases, especially in Trieste and Gorizia, can in some way also be linked to a variant factor.

The last sequences, moreover, stop on October 10, a little before the ascent of the last few days. As for the seasonal flu, D’Agaro expects that in the coming months, unlike last year, it will run in parallel with Covid.

For this reason, the recommendation, for the risk categories, remains to be vaccinated also against the flu

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