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the new drug that looks promising

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the new drug that looks promising

Do you often have a headache? Don’t worry, a new drug has recently been discovered that would be able to decrease pain in no time. Are you curious to find out what it is? Let’s see it together.

Headache is a rather common problem, there are those who suffer from it more and some less, there are also lucky die who have never experienced this type of problem. Unfortunately, this condition can lead to not being able to perform various daily activities.

Headache? Here is the new drug

From the latest analyzes, it emerged that one in two people suffer from migraines, in these cases the episodes occur at least once a year. Just this week, the National Headache Weekpromoted by Sin and from Sisc.

In this regard, several meetings were held on the subject in which we talked about headaches and new studies to try to find a solution to the problem. There are many tricks that can help relieve pain, but recently a new drug has been tested that would help prevent headaches.

Are you curious to find out what it is? Let’s see it together.

Headache? Here is the new drug to prevent it

As we said, the meeting for National Headache Week was held this week. During the meeting many times were addressed, and from the conferences it emerged that migraine is a disease that also affects the youngest. In fact, from the latest analyzes it was discovered that I suffer from headaches over 40% of children, while in children 10%. In Italia this pathology affects 6 million people, or the 12% of the population.

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During the congress there has long been talk of the most effective remedies to make headaches disappear. A new drug has recently been discovered that could prevent the onset of headache. His name is Rimegepant, it is an investigational drug based on calcitonin.

headache remedy medication
Headache: New drug discovered to prevent pain

Thanks to the active ingredient contained in the tablet, it will be necessary to dissolve it in the mouth and its benefits are many. In fact, in addition to preventing the onset of headache, it also manages to reduce pain and seizures.

This is a discovery that could revolutionize the world of medicine forever. Now we just have to wait for the latest experiments, and then find it on the market. What do you think about it?

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