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the new open-air gym next to the “Fioretti” was inaugurated

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the new open-air gym next to the “Fioretti” was inaugurated

New Open-Air Gym Inaugurated in Falconara Marittima

FALCONARA MARITTIMA – A festive atmosphere filled the air this morning on Saturday, April 20, in via Tommasi, Castelferretti, as the newly opened open-air sports and health gym was inaugurated. Falconara has now joined the Sport di ALL – Parks project, a collaboration between Sport e Salute Spa (the state company for the promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles) and Anci.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place around 11 am, with Italian Paratriathlon champion Matteo Giambartolomei, a resident of Castelferretti, serving as the event’s testimonial. Mayor Stefania Signorini, along with deputy mayor Valentina Barchiesi and councilors Raimondo Baia and Marco Giacanella, were also present at the inauguration. Regional coordinator Roberta Baudà from Sport and Health, supported by Giorgio Allegrini, and Tarcisio Pacetti, president of the Gruppo Amici per lo Sport association, were in attendance as well. Sports associations from Castelferretti and Falconara participated with athletes and managers from various sports clubs.

Mayor Signorini expressed her delight at the new outdoor gym, emphasizing the importance of sport for spreading values, especially among the youth. Deputy Mayor Barchiesi thanked Sport and Salute for their funding, which transformed the unused land next to the Fioretti stadium into a well-equipped area for all citizens to enjoy.

Councilor Baia commended the sports clubs present and highlighted the availability of tutorials through a QR code for correct exercise techniques at the gym. Baudà spoke about the importance of promoting sport for a healthy lifestyle and as a means of inclusion and community building.

Tarcisio Pacetti and Matteo Giambartolomei called for the inclusion of the CIP logo and link to the Italian Paralympic Committee on the municipal website, promoting Paralympic culture and accessible sports for all individuals. Pacetti thanked the administration for their support of sport and participation in tenders to enhance sports facilities in the area.

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The new outdoor gym is already popular among citizens, offering a space for physical activity, training, and social interaction. With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and inclusivity, Falconara continues to invest in sports infrastructure for the well-being of its residents.

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