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The new platform drives buying interest! “Monster Hunter: Rise” total sales exceeded 8 million units | Games | New Head Shell Newtalk

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“Monster Hunter: Rise” worldwide shipments exceeded 8 million.Figure: Retrieved from “Monster Hunter: Rise” Twitter

Capcom, a well-known Japanese game developer, announced today (18) that the total sales of its best-selling hunting action game “Monster Hunter: Rise” on Switch and Steam, which just launched the PC version last week, officially exceeded 8 million sets, accounting for ” “Monster Hunter” accounted for 10% of the total sales of the whole series, and the sales performance was outstanding.

With the launch of the Steam version, “Monster Hunter: Rise”, which is about to celebrate its first anniversary in March this year, has also recently welcomed a wave of new players and increased the total sales on both platforms to 8 million. Before the launch of the Steam version, “Monster Hunter: Rise” has sold 7.5 million copies, but the Steam version has not been released for a week, and there should be another wave of sales peaks in the future. It is understood that the current total sales of the entire series of “Monster Hunter” is 78 million units, “Monster Hunter: Rise” accounts for about 10%, while the previous “Monster Hunter: World” accounts for 25%.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” PC version supports 4K high-definition. Figure: Retrieved from “Monster Hunter: Rise” Steam

The Steam version of “Monster Hunter: Rise” has not only brought the content of the Switch version in the past year to the PC, but also thanks to the hardware performance of the PC platform, the game’s picture quality has also been improved. The Steam version of “Monster Hunter: Rise” will have a higher 4K resolution than the Switch version, and the textures on the monsters, as well as details such as character clothing and materials have been further improved. At the same time, the Steam version of the system will also support high frame rate mode, keyboard and mouse operation, convenient built-in voice chat and ultra-wide display.

In addition, “Monster Hunter: Rise” will also launch a new large-scale expansion “Monster Hunter: Dawn” this summer. Switch and Steam players need to clear the former assembly house seven-star mission “Thor” before they can play. The story of the new expansion pack will leave Shenhuo Village and start in the new stronghold “El Cardo”. The game will not only include a new main story, wilderness, monsters, and a new mission level “Master Rank”, the developer Capcom also recently It said that more “iron wire moves” that characters can use in battle will be added to increase the flexibility of players’ operations.


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