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The new recommendations for proper nutrition

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The new recommendations for proper nutrition

breaking latest news – The first recommendation is “to reduce the consumption of meat up to a maximum of three times a week, preferably chicken or rabbit, and to perform between 150 and 300 minutes of physical activity, in the same period”. These are some of the guidelines contained in the report of the Spanish Food Safety Agency (Aesan) which updated its dietary recommendations firm to 2019, taking into account for the first time the environmental impact of food.

According to what Paìs writes, Aesan now recommends giving priority to fresh foods over ultra-processed foods and “to favor proteins of plant origin over those of animal origin, since they are beneficial for health and reduce environmental damage”, as assured by the coordinator of the report, Esther López. “Legumes are the food group that contains the most and the suggested intake amount has increased: if in 2019 it was to consume two to four servings per week, now we are talking about a minimum of four per week, but” ideally it should be increased to one per day “.

Furthermore, “fish should be eaten at least three times a week (previously two days were recommended) and it is desirable to give priority to blue fish (such as salmon, kingfish or tuna) over white fish (cod, hake or sea bream) ”. There healthy egg intake is on the order of four per weekand its consumption is considered highly recommended in stages such as “pregnancy, breastfeeding or anorexia associated with aging”, the report specifies, due to its high nutritional content and ease of consumption.

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As for milk and dairy products, the suggested amount has also been reduced. Three years ago, two to four daily portions were recommended. Now the public body invites to consume a maximum of three, without added sugar and with a low salt content.

The guideline on fruits and vegetables is to eat at least five servings a day. For example, three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit can be combined.

The walnuts should be consumed at least two to three times a week and increase that amount to a daily portion. They should always be consumed without adding salt, fat or sugar and the established quantity is between 20 and 30 grams. The agency recommends eating between two and six weekly servings of cereal.

Finally, the recommended weekly physical activity for adults and seniors is between 150 and 300 minutes, if it is moderate aerobic exercise, such as walking at a good pace without having difficulty speaking, cycling calmly and flat or dancing soft. If the exercise is more vigorous, such as swimming, running, fast, and mountain biking, it would be worth 75 to 150 minutes.

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