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The new robot SRPG “The Successor” will be launched worldwide on March 24 | 4Gamers

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Cloud Leopard Entertainment announced today (24) that the new robot SRPG game “Relayer” developed by Kadokawa Games will be launched simultaneously with Japan in Asia, North America and Europe on March 24, 2022.

“Relayer” describes the awakened human “Son of the Star” against the invading alien life form “Relayer”. The combat system of this work is centered on the “robot type” and “professional” that symbolize the characteristics of the unit, and the “hate value” that visualizes the degree of easy concentration by the enemy, and realizes a high degree of freedom and high strategic SRPG mechanism .


In addition, special attacks such as the wide-range nirvana “Big Bang” and pincer “backstab”, animations and level maps presented using exquisite 3D models are also quite interesting.


The stage of this work is the future where mankind began to formally set foot in outer space ─ ─ the earth in the ephemeris 2051. Mankind is being invaded by a mysterious alien life form called the successor. At the same time, a group of “Stars” with special abilities appeared, as well as a new type of humanoid weapon “Star Gear” made after analyzing the technology of ancient galactic civilization, and the experimental ship “Star Swarm” that can navigate between stars. The player must command this force and try to resist the heirs who threaten the earth with aggressive actions.


“Relayer” (Relayer) will be released on PS4, PS5 on March 24, 2022 (PS4 version can be upgraded to PS5 version for free, and the preservation of the data.), from January 25th, open pre-orders. In addition, a “digital deluxe version” containing the game and various downloadable content will be released, and it will be eligible to play three days in advance.

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