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the new role of general practitioners in Puglia

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A meeting between the Puglia Region and the general practitioners’ unions (Fimmg, Smi and Snami) just ended to arrive at a memorandum of understanding for the management of Covid cases in Puglia.b “Today’s agreement is a good news – declares the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano – because it shows a never lost harmony between the Region and the social partners on an issue that must see everyone united: the fight against the pandemic ”.

For the director of the health department, Vito Montanaro, “Today’s agreement will allow the Apulian population to know the path of assistance and treatment in case of contagion from Covid and confirms that general practitioners are fundamental in the fight against the pandemic” .

Following the meeting, a joint press release was signed:

“Today the Department of Health shared with the trade unions representing general medicine, as part of the Regional Permanent Committee, a memorandum of understanding for the management of the emergency from Covid 19 in the regional territory, identifying the paths and skills of the various actors directly involved. All subjects with a positive test result from Covid 19, as of 11 January 2022, will be managed directly by the ASL also through recall and generation of an appointment for the test to ascertain recovery.

As of January 12, 2022, asymptomatic subjects who test positive to a third generation antigen test or to a molecular test provided by authorized structures, for the purposes of the isolation measure, the appointment for the tampon and the provision of successful healing , also for the purposes of the green pass, will be managed directly by the local health authorities. with automated methods and procedures generated by the Iris platform.

Only for symptomatic and positive subjects, in compliance with the prescriptions referred to in Legislative Decree 229/2021, the primary care doctors (family doctors, ed.) Will be taken in charge, who in addition to the normal activities already planned, will generate the request for a control swab for the purpose of the healing measure. The registration by the dispenser of a negative test result of the swab automatically involves the feeding of the database for the release of the green pass.

The signatory trade union organizations express satisfaction with the signing of the operational protocol which, in setting itself as its objective to give answers to the Apulian citizens, will allow primary care doctors to better manage the clinical phase of the disease by consolidating the relationship of trust between doctor and patient “.


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