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The new trend among bob hairstyles

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The new trend among bob hairstyles

Are you looking for a fresh, modern haircut that gives your hair lots of movement, definition and volume? Then you should consider the choppy bob, the new twist on the most famous bob hairstyle to hit the world. The trend hairstyle is perfect for women over 50, as it makes you look chic and modern and is easy to care for at the same time.

Choppy Bob from 50: The trendy haircut for shape and volume

The choppy bob is a stylish look that suits any hair type. Its distinctive feature is the different lengths that define the trendy tousled hair. This great hairstyle suits any lifestyle and makes women over 50 look much more youthful.

What is a choppy bob?

What is a choppy bob for women over 50?

The choppy bob is a short to medium length haircut with lots of asymmetrical layers that create a shaggy, uneven texture. It offers women over 50 a modern, youthful look and a lot of comfort when styling. Whether you want a pixie bob, a lob, or something in between, there’s a choppy bob haircut for you.

Trendy choppy bob for thick hair

Trendy choppy bob for thick hair

Medium length messy hairstyles are an attractive way to remove bulk from thick hair while still retaining the volume you naturally have. This chic hairstyle suits all face shapes and you can add dimension to your dark hair with a few blonde or brown highlights.

Blonde choppy bob with side bangs

Choppy bob with side bangs for older women with blonde hair

This stylish bob hairstyle is perfect for naturally wavy hair. Adding short, textured layers gives it shape and movement, and the side bangs can balance out facial features if you have an oval, round, or long face.

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Silver choppy bob with purple highlights

Silver choppy bob with purple highlights for older women

Purple highlights paired with a silver choppy bob are the perfect way to spice up your hairstyle. To get this trendy look, get your hair cut asymmetrically around the face. Opt for textured layers that add some movement to the hair.

Choppy bob with center parting

Choppy bob with center parting for women over 50

As hair grows longer, it tends to lose its shape. Luckily, that can be transformed in a jiffy with the choppy bob’s vibrant touch of messiness.

The choppy bob with center parting is the perfect messy hairstyle that doesn’t require lengthy styling and can be worn all day long.

Short choppy pixie bob

Short Choppy Pixie Bob from 50

If you are planning to grow out your pixie but want to keep a tapered cut, try a short choppy pixie bob. The longer top and sides are textured to make it easier to style while still looking voluminous. This haircut is perfect for fine to medium hair as it creates the illusion of fullness.

Kinnlanger Choppy Bob ab 50

Wear a chin-length choppy bob over 50

A chin-length choppy bob is a choppy short haircut with textured layers and jagged tips. And the best thing about this haircut is that it requires minimal styling. It frames the face very nicely and is suitable for all hair types.

Casual bob hairstyle with short bangs

Choppy short hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

A short haircut is always modern and effortless to style and you can create a casual look very easily. One of the best types of short hairstyles are those that have swing and movement. A layered choppy bob has its advantages when it comes to adding volume and getting rid of build-up.

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Choppy bob for curly hair

Choppy bob for curly hair

The added layers in this choppy, curly bob add a new touch of chic to the look. The curls and the highlights work together perfectly and ensure a fresh look.

Sassy choppy bob hairstyle

Sassy bob hairstyle with layers

A bob hairstyle for straight hair is sophisticated and works well in blonde colors. The choppy ends add a modern appeal and some movement to the classic cut.

This chic layered blonde bob will be your go-to hairstyle. Don’t worry about the shape of your face because it suits almost every woman.

Choppy bob with choppy bangs

Layered bob with choppy bangs for older women

Try a layered bob with choppy bangs. If you have forehead lines, conceal them with delicate, choppy bangs to flatter your face. Avoid voluminous bangs if you have a narrow face shape.

Short angled choppy bob

Wearing an angled choppy bob over 50

The short messy bob with choppy layers is very textured which allows for lots of movement in the hair. Adding a balayage to it will add dimension to the hairdo. It is excellent for thin hair by creating the illusion of fullness. The cut is versatile and looks stunning on both straight and curly hair.

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