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the news on Tolc 2023

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the news on Tolc 2023

Between the reforms announced during the electoral campaign and the revolutions invoked during the years of opposition in Parliament, there are really many things that the government led by Giorgia Meloni intends to change since the prime minister and the ministers took office at the helm of our country. Among these there are also different aspects and mechanisms that concern the world of school, university and research. An area that has always received a rather marginal interest in the debates of public opinion, despite its fundamental importance in determining the present and the future of millions of students.

A first sign of change already came from the new denomination of the departments wanted and introduced by the prime minister in the first days of government activity. In particular, as regards the ministry which today is headed by the Northern League Joseph Vallettaranext to the wording “education” the has been inserted reference to “merit”. A clear signal of the direction in which the Prime Minister intends to go, who in recent months has agreed with her allies on various other interventions which will condition (we’ll see if for better or for worse) the dynamics most closely pertinent to the school and university system.

Medicine test 2023, the announcement of the minister Anna Maria Bernini

Although it had been planned for a long time now, the announcement by the Minister of University and Research is recent Anna Maria Bernini regarding the identification of new selection criteria for access to medical School and at Graduate schools of our country. “Today we are embarking on an important journey, there are many issues to be addressed and we will also do so by opening ourselves up to listening to all interested parties” declared the Forza Italia representative, who on the occasion of the opening of the works at the ministry also added as “We are determined to find reasonable possible solutions quickly, for combine the needs of the present with the needs of the future“.

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At the moment, no details are known about the text of the reformwhich presumably will be born in a short time to then land in the Council of Ministers: it will be in that venue that it will be discussed and deliberated before its definitive entry into Parliament, where it will be submitted to the vote of deputies and senators. The feeling is that times are too tight to arrive at a publication in the Official Gazette that also takes into consideration the current year. Also because, at the moment, the number of places available for those who will try the tests in 2023 in the new named version Tolc Med.

Medicine test 2023, when the selection tests are scheduled

In fact, for those who have not followed the evolution of the story, it should be specified that a first reform has already entered into force in Italy which has partially modified the methods of participation in the selection for medical faculties and specialization schools. With the new system Tolc Med (Online test), the tests will take place in two separate sessions during the next twelve months:

  • A first window is planned in April and, specifically, in the period included between day 13 and day 22;
  • A second window has been inserted in July and, precisely, in the period included between day 15 and day 25.

A deliberate choice to avoid overlapping with the completion of the final exams. Instead, for the 2024-2025 academic year, the periods of the test sessions will be in February and April 2024. The precise dates will be established by each university.

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Medicine test 2023, how score and ranking will be calculated

Once the tests have been taken, candidates will be able to choose – in the time available – the best score among those obtained in the two sessions for enrollment purposes so as to be able to then indicate, in order of preference, the locations for which they intend to compete. Candidates will be able to enter the application with their options from 31 July 2023 until 24 August 2023, at 3.00 pm, through the Cineca portal.

The publication of the national ranking is scheduled for September 5, 2023, much earlier than in previous years since the rehearsals were held in early September. It is hoped in this way to facilitate the scrolling of the complete national list and allow the correct start of the new academic year 2023-2024. The advance in the publication of the ranking – underlines a note from the Ministry of University and Research – will be greater for the academic year 2024-2025 with the periods of administration of the Tolc in February and April 2024.

Medicine Test 2023, who can register for Tolc Med and how to do it

Candidates will be able to enroll in Tolc Med via the CISIA web platform. The universities will have to allow the booking of the test starting at least from the thirtieth day before the start of the delivery period, i.e from 15 March 2023. The reservation will be allowed until the tenth day before the start of each supply period. The places available for admission to the courses with limited access they will be established with a subsequent decree of the Ministry of University and Research.

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By decree, they can participate students enrolled in the last or penultimate year of Italian or foreign secondary schools that allow the acquisition of a qualification suitable for access to university courses, as well as all those who are galready in possession of a diploma of secondary school. Students who will participate in the Tolc Med in 2023, as enrolled in the penultimate year of upper secondary schools, will only be able to apply for inclusion in the ranking in the 2024-2025 academic year.

Medicine test 2023, how the tests work and how the exercises will be carried out

Both for the Tolc Med (for access to Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis courses) and for the Tolc Vet (for access to Veterinary), candidates will have at their disposal a maximum of 90 minutes to solve the 50 questions expected. The questions will be distributed in four sections, for each of which there is a pre-established time:

  • 7 quizzes of text comprehension and knowledge acquired in studies – 15 minutes;
  • 15 questions of biology – 25 minutes;
  • 15 questions of chemistry and physics – 25 minutes;
  • 13 quizzes of mathematics and reasoning – 25 minutes.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that, unlike the previous selection tests, the tests are repeatable. Finally, enrollment in the Tolc Med will allow the candidate to also access the Mooc (Massive open online courses)the disciplinary exercises foreseen (in web mode) for each subject contained in the test.

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