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The old scooter will become electric

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Blocks to circulation, prohibition of use, collapse of the value on the second-hand market: all problems to be forgotten for old scooters turned into electric. A revolution that will soon become operational – by January if the work in the Transport Committee is not impeded.

The green taxman

If the grandfather’s 500 becomes electric, the bonus will be triggered

by Antonella Donati

Everything stems from an important – and revolutionary – regulatory possibility: to modify article 75 of the highway code which already now provides for the modification of petrol or diesel vehicles into electric ones, but only for categories M (cars) and N (commercial vehicles ). In fact, work is underway to extend this possibility to the L category (that of light motorcycles and quadricycles).


How much does the electric car pollute? The impact varies from one country to another and depends on the networks

We talked about “revolution” not by chance: in Italy 72% of scooters are over 10 years old and 43% of total vehicles are Euro 0 and Euro1. In terms of emissions, these scooters reach 73g / km of CO2, a record. We have a circulating park therefore all off limts for our historic centers and – in many cities such as Rome and Milan – even throughout the railway ring, a perimeter that practically includes the whole city. To understand what we are talking about, it is enough to say that half a million of these two-wheeled wrecks circulate in Rome alone. And therefore, by estimating the mileage of these scooters at 10 km per day, we can realistically speak of 130,000 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere per year. This is why the possibility of immediately affecting the fleet in circulation, guaranteeing a green ‘second life’ these two wheels can mark a turning point.

To achieve all this, the project of the start-up Talet-e which aims to transform an old scooter into an electric one with a kit that can be assembled at home or at an authorized workshop.

Talet-e was born from a project by Paolo Gagliardo (after 10 years in Ford Motor Company he joined Fiat Auto, where he held various positions – from CEO of Ireland to General Manager of Alfa Romeo and then of Abarth. To then become CEO of the Swiss company Quadro Vehicles) and the Sicilian Newtron who first started turning old cars into electric ones. A company that became famous with the modifications for Garage Italy from Lapo Elkann.

Ma how much will it cost to turn an old scooter into an electric one? Much will depend on the kit model chosen, but the first estimates speak of a price of 90 euros per month for 2 years. With warranties on batteries, electric motor and assembly. A competitive price with the price list of electric scooters ranging from 3/4000 euros upwards.


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