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The online mode of “Grand Theft Auto 5” sneaked into the ground during the “Arms Smuggling” event, striving to become the overlord “Grand Theft Auto 5”

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The online mode of “Grand Theft Auto V” allows players to sneak into the ground during the “Arms Smuggling” event and strive to become the overlord! The game brings rewards for “arms smuggling” sales missions, triple rewards for the bunker series, mobile combat missions and “air hunting” double GTA currency and reputation points, and more.

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Don’t let the goods you store underground keep accumulating dust. Now that the demand for weapons in the market is increasing, it is the time for you to make a move. Hurry up to prepare the goods, clear out the contraband in the “arms smuggling” sales mission, you can get an extra 50% of GTA game currency and reputation points.

Bunker series triples GTA game currency and prestige value

Dive into the ground is a shortcut for you to ascend to the dominant position. Before December 13, players with underground lairs, regardless of participating in any mode in the Bunker Series, will receive three times the GTA game currency and reputation points.

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Mobile combat missions double GTA game currency and prestige value

Without the mobile combat headquarters, it is not a qualified lair. As long as you purchase a mobile combat center, the world will become something in your bag. The doors that you previously closed will be opened for you. This change may be due to the armed vehicles you parked inside. Quickly use the mainframe of your mobile operations center to launch mobile combat missions. Provide assistance to Agent 14 to get discounts and double rewards from the Arms Tycoon. The event ends on December 13th.

“Hunting in the air” doubles GTA game currency and reputation

“Aerial Hunting” only asks a simple question: Can a few tattered escape vehicles escape the persevering hunt of a group of Tiansha fighters? The runners must escape the pursuit of maverick pilots and their advanced weapons, and the hunters must do everything they can to blast the enemy into ashes.

All players who take part in the “Hunt in the Air” fight for life and death will receive double GTA game currency and reputation points.

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All car races provide double prestige value

Take a moment to make sure that your car has been completely modified, not even the smallest details, and then rush the engine at the starting line to let your opponent know that you are here to win: all Los Santos cars gather for racing (sprint racing) , Street racing and chasing racing) fully offer double car prestige value.

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Receive PRBG T-shirt

If you want to mix in the underground society, the most important thing is an ultra-exclusive streetwear. Any street racer who is clean and self-loving knows how to dress in style. All GTA online players can get PRBG T-shirts. As long as you put on this T-shirt, you don’t need any words, everyone will know that you are out of the water. This is the true meaning of fashion.

This week’s prize vehicle: King Ba Tianwei Te

Dear versatile and persevering drivers, from December 2 to December 13, as long as you win the top 5 in 12 different pursuit races and/or street races, you can get them for free You can modify a Royal Ba Tianwei Te.

Welcome to the test drive circuit to take the Carlin Classic King, Aubei Detective S and the Secret Words

Come to the test drive track of Los Santos to try the Carlin Classic King, Aobei Secret Agent S and Top Secret Words to see how they perform in the fierce competition. You can also step on the accelerator in the time challenge. Race against time.

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Vehicles on stage this week: Colossus Scotty

Remember to play in the lobby of the “Diamond Casino Resort” for a good run and a chance to win GTA game coins, reputation points, clothing, snacks and various mysterious prizes. The first prize was Colossus Scotty, a military vehicle designed for civilian use. It depends on whether you want to get a handsome flat head by the way, we are quite suggesting it.


Is your friend’s underground facility expanded to a larger scale than yours? Want to be like them? Let me tell you the good news. The Garden Bank foreclosure real estate website offers a 40% discount on all bunker real estate and its upgrade, renovation and modification projects. As for the aforementioned mobile operations center, the same 40% discount is offered, and all mobile operations center upgrade projects also have the same discount.

Perhaps the aforementioned streetwear makes you feel indifferent, and you want a more sleek dress: Los Santos car-gathering merchandise store racing suits are all 30% off, so that you are no different from other promising players on the starting line.

  • 40% off mobile operations center

  • 40% off mobile operations center upgrades and customized items

  • 40% off bunker

  • 40% off bunker upgrades and customized items

In addition, this week there are special offers on selected vehicles that can help you in the aforementioned criminal activities.

  • 25% off Pegasita Pisida

  • 30% off Joe’s P-996 Tiansha

  • 25% off Oslow Throat

  • 25% off Maiba Penumbra Messenger FF

Prime Gaming benefits

GTA online players who have successfully linked their Rockstar Games Social Club account and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA game coins by logging in and playing this week.


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