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The orthodox sequel of “Eternal Stars” “Eternal Stars: Origin of the Light” is expected to be released in the fall of 2021. The closed beta will be released today-Bahamut

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Yujun Aoting announced today (16) that the classic IP “Eternal Star Language”, the orthodox sequel “Eternal Star Language: Origin of Light”, developed by Hongyu Technology and operated by Yujun Aoting, is expected to be released this fall. Today, a seven-day limited beta of elite files deleted is launched. “Eternal Stars: Origin of Burning Light” is a mobile RPG game based on Japanese light novels. In the game, players will act as those who have the ability to summon adventurers with their mobile phones. This is called “singularity.” It can be teleported to the continent of Avisto via a mobile phone to start an exciting fantasy journey.

According to the official, this is the orthodox sequel to the “Rise of Light” series that was launched in Japan in 2012 and won the Japanese WebMoney Award for the best new game award that year. It was upgraded and developed by the same team and will bring players the most original juice Original touch. The game also incorporates a full series of popular characters, players can interact with them intimately, and weave a rich plot of millions of words.

Description of the packaging and testing rules for limited elite files

  • Activity time: 12:00 noon on June 17, 2021 ~ 12:00 noon on June 23, 2021.

  • After the closed beta is open, you can download and play on the official social website APK, and you will not be able to log in after the server is full.

  • On the closed and beta platform, only the APK version is available for download. After the game is officially launched, it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • This is a file deletion test and no deposits are open. A limited number of 100 players will be the first to experience it.

Delete file packaging and testing benefits

Officials pointed out that during the event, SSR Amana Swordsman (CV: Firuz Blue) will be given at the beginning of the event, and continue to log in to claim the limited summoner Kay. After completing the novice activity, they will receive SSR optional boxes, capsule coupons and other good gifts. In addition, novices must win SSR in unlimited 10 consecutive draws.

Exclusive benefits for limited elite delete files packaging and testing

This closed beta will be held for 7 days. Log in every day to give away 5,000 mall coins and 200 stamina, totaling 35,000 mall coins + 1,400 stamina. (Mall coins can only be used during the test period, and the game progress will be cleared after the test is over)

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Participate in the questionnaire activity and get 100 consecutive draws

During the closed beta period, participate in the questionnaire survey activity, fill in and submit it from 6/18 (Friday) to 6/24 (Thursday), and you will get 100 consecutive draws when the game is online (used after the game is online).

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According to the official, one of the most eye-catching features of “Eternal Stars: Origin of Burning Light” is the super rich character setting, including the characters’ independent “full version” dynamic vertical drawing and 4D plot, and the character’s favorability has reached different stages. It can also open a new voice dialogue, bringing players an immersive development experience.

Genius Magical Girl —— Koro Dew (CV: Yuki Yagi)

Calling himself Gulu, he is a noble from the magic kingdom Yuri. He has a lively and active personality. The disadvantage is that he is easily provoked and cannot afford to lose. Anyone who confronts him will be regarded as an enemy.

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The Sloth Princess-Dai Fallen (CV: Misaka Zhu Yin)

The legendary devil has five sisters and four daughters. He has a very lazy personality, and thinks things that require activity, including breathing, are troublesome. It’s in the whole family… No, maybe the laziest girl in the world.

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Meow Meow Cat-Arianna (CV: Tanaka Nami)

A cat-orc warrior from Sid, a country of combat, is lively and active. She can usually be seen jumping quickly among the trees, but she herself is quite lethargic, and often hits the trunk of a tree because she is dozing off in a daze.

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Excalibur of Destruction-Amana Sword Princess (CV: Firuz Blue)

The body is made of god’s metal, so it has the opportunity to produce personality, and because it is strong enough, it can be transformed into a human form. Although he has the ability to act independently, his essence is a weapon after all, so he will pursue the strong who can exert his power.

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Little Nurse-Aaliyah (CV: Brad Kurt Sarah Emi)

The service staff in the clinic of the Adventure Country Saiyan, with a gentle and considerate personality and lovely appearance, are walking on the street instead of a doctor carrying an oversized diagnosis and treatment package.

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Officials pointed out that “Eternal Stars: Origin of the Light” is currently expected to meet with players in the fall of 2021, and more game world views, system content and other related information will be released one after another.


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