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The people of fitness have found their home: RiminiWellness game

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The people of fitness have found their home: RiminiWellness game

The fitness people have found their home. Today at the Rimini fair of Italian Exhibition Group – in front of a large audience of operators and enthusiasts – the 16th edition of RiminiWellness opened. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Lorenzo Cagnoni, IEG President, Moreno Maresi, Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Rimini, Francesca Lollobrigida, world speed skating champion on ice and multiple medal winner at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Giulia Ghiretti, Paralympic swimming champion . With them, the team of the Italian Air Force of Rhythmic Gymnastics, who demonstrated their art with an exciting exhibition.

“Until Sunday – began the president Cagnoni – 20 pavilions in our district will be entirely dedicated to hosting the event, with 1,500 hours of training lessons and all the proposals that the companies have organized with great commitment after two years of limitations. If I think back to what triggered the mechanism of such an event 16 years ago in this neighborhood and in this land, I see the typical characters of our coast, capable of combining a sense of responsibility and the courage to do business, with will to live and to let live. And today they can say they are satisfied, because in this event I trace the elements of our collective personality “. Councilor Maresi echoed: “I believe that sport is not only competitive spirit or well-being, but also a real food of the soul, universally recognized at all latitudes. Seeing how RiminiWellness interprets this spirit in the best way and this value represents a great satisfaction. Starting over today, in this period, is extraordinarily important because we are introducing a summer that we hope will be very positive “.

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The microphone then passed to Francesca Lollobrigida: “For me it is indescribable to see so many people moved by the passion for sport. As an athlete, fresh from the bubble experience of the Beijing Olympics, it is something that makes me happy and proud. At the base of everything I see strong motivation, which is what helps you to reach the goals you set, but above all great fun “. Along the same lines Giulia Ghiretti: “Sport has always been a fundamental part of my life. But even more, the sensations that sport can give you, such as the well-being you feel after each daily workout, the team spirit and the bonds that are created with your teammates. These are the emotions that I have always continued to pursue and that I have found here “. Elisa Blanchi, head of the Air Force Rhythmic Gymnastics team concluded: “After two years of pandemic, in which events have stopped, it is very important for us to be back among the people and be able to perform with the public. And it is fantastic to see all these people at the fair united by passion: this is the best feeling “.

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